Thursday, March 31, 2011

Productive at last...

So, this past weekend I ACTUALLY accomplished something!  With this pregnancy I have felt like I am walking through sand for the first 19 weeks - Amazing.  Thanks to a little liquid iron supplement (GROSS - if you were wondering) I am feeling a bit more like myself.

I finally got G's 1 year pages done in his Birthday Book.  This kind of stuff is like college homework to me.  It hangs over my head and takes me literally HOURS to complete and then I am usually pretty happy with the outcome.  What's also great about starting this now is I will "get to do it" for all of my babies.

And yes, I realize in my quest to "preserve memories" (not scrap book) I take on way too many ways to preserve memories and then have a hard time finishing even one.

And yes, I also realize it is April and his birthday was in October, but at least it's the same year - so whatev.  Do you  have a birthday book?  I didn't think so...

After I finished the Birthday Book I organized my 2010 Christmas Cards, so I could finally put them away.

Now on to start baby #2 Belly Book, finish G's Belly Book and then start G's Baby Book and all for what you say...

Well, really for me to enjoy for the next 50 years and then to impress someone (like I ave my 10 followers) with my "memory preserving" skillz at an estate sale when I am long gone.  Estate Sale?  And yes, I do consider my 1400 sq ft cottage an estate and you should see all my stuff inside.  You will want it when I go - I'm sure of it.

Let's Hear it for me.....I need a nap.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Word Wednesday


Let's Hear for my talented and gifted baby!
(American Idol theme song playing loudly)

Actually, let's hear it for my blog designer not forgetting the Savior in this Easter season! Amazing as usual, Reddy Rederson!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attack of the Dirty Super Tall Baby

Well, I have been reduced to letting our child run around with no shirt and no pants after feeding himself dinner. 
At least he had shoes on!

Check out that disgusting hand.

He was in a rare SUPER SILLY mood.  He was conquering the beast and attacking his was a wild night on the deck.

His bath water was brown. 

Are boys ALWAYS this dirty? 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Just a typical day in the life of Graham.  Jealous?

Making Waffles with my Da Da.

Afternoon Tea.

Finish the Night with some Hot Cross Buns, which I have always thought was Hot Cross BonesWhat is a Hot Crossed Bun , bread? 
Hello.  Hot Cross Bones makes so much more sense.
Let's Hear it for the Boys.
  (with the recorder being played "softly" in the background, like Kenny G) 

Monday, March 14, 2011


How long have we had Graham now? 

This is what 2 out of 3 diapers my dear husband puts him in look like.  When I ask Mike about this, he literally says "what?", like there is nothing out of place.

You be the judge.

Let's Hear it for My Baby! 
Who never complains that one cheek is colder than the other.