Saturday, April 23, 2011

Um, Happy Easter...



He is Risen... Let's Hear It For Our Savior.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bye Bye Rat's Tail

OK.  So Mike has been after me to cut Graham's Rat Tail off.  I think it was embarrassing him when it curled over his collar.  It was a touch out of control.  Well, we had a big event (Katie's Wedding) coming up, so it was time for his first hair cut.

Rat Tail "from a distance"
 (borrowed from Celine Dion, right? from a distance God is watching us, from a distance we all have friends or something like that - anywho...)

Rat Tail close up

Hair Cut time...Thankfully my neighbor and friend is a hair stylist (if you are thinking my hair doesn't look great (RUDE), it's b/c i wait to long to get it "done", no fault of my neighbor Kristy, and by "done" I mean a simple cut, no color necessary - uh hum).  So instead of paying for someone to make 3 snips to his basically bald head she walked down and "textured" it on our tree swing.  I am laughing now as I type about asking her to texture it - what a great friend that she didn't laugh at me!

The finished product.  See we do put clothes on him, sometimes.  And yes, this is exactly what mike looked like on our wedding day - meet mini Mike. 

G did a great job in the wedding, until he noticed I was standing at the front, did a double take to confirm it was me and then proceeded to fall out of his chair in the front row, spill a bowl of grapes, and say MAMA loudly two or three times, all during what seemed like an eternal chorus (to a paranoid mom) of God is Nye (can't remember the actual hymn).  Needless to say, he was promptly escorted out of the chapel by DADA.  All and all, it was a wonderful wedding and no one but me noticed him being a distraction, right?

Let's Hear it for my baby, Let's give the boy a haaaaaannnndd!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Um Hello?

Someone (who shall remain nameless at work - WAYNE) asked if I was pregnant today.

Wayner - Where have you been the last 6 months?
And is that a laser beam slicing right through my face? Weird.

Let's Hear it for Wa Hey Hey Hey Ner!