Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ta da...

G's birthday book, year 2, CHECK! Only 4 months behind - not too bad.

Let's Hear it for "Preserving Memories"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

InstaBOYZ 3.0...

Insta G

Insta T

Let's Hear it for my BOYZ 3.0

Monday, February 27, 2012

Let me tell ya bout... best friend, one in a million.

Oh come on...

Let's Hear it for these guys

Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is Graham's first real friend, Brynn.  Her mom and I are great friends, so I called at the last minute and asked if I could take Brynn to the park with us.   They chatted about pancakes, eggs, hot dogs and soccer on the walk over.  When we got there I fought the temptation of telling everyone they were all three mine...a 3 year old, 2 year old and a 6 month old.  I mean, they all looked related and women kept asking me if Graham and Brynn were twins.

Mike and I don't have twins that run in our families, but there are times like these that I would love twins.  Crazy?  Maybe.

Let's Hear it for Twins

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Your favorite place...

Son- Your favorite place to play, these days, is the bottom of your closet.  I thought I would see what all the fuss was about today, so I served us lunch in there (oh and I invited two of  your best friends).

I served Benadryl and Mimosas apparently.

Ok - so I can see why you liked it in there...small, dirty, dimly lit, etc.  Right down your our alley (according to the way our house looks most of the time).

I love you buddy and I love that it doesn't take much to make your day.

Let's Hear it for Your Closet

Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Ready...

Mike was getting ready for a long run in the living room this evening - you know just a little light stretching.  Look who joined in the fun.

Imitation IS the best form of flattery.

Let's Hear it for 2 Year Olds.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is my absolute favorite thing right now. Mike bought me this almond butter from whole foods on valentines day and since I have bought at least 3 more pouches. I have eaten it on chocolate, on an apple, in a tree, on a get the point. Try it. Buyer beware its $1.00 at Whole Foods, but you can get other Justin's flavors at Natural Grocers for $.55.

Whole Foods- Why can't you have reasonable prices? I might quit you soon.

PS. Have you noticed the last three things I have recommended have had vanilla in them...latte, almond butter, pudding. Maybe it's my theme.

 Let's Hear it for Vanilla (who knew I liked you so much).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Too Much...

What's G smirking about?

Dada having a hilarious conversation with Mommies Puppy.

Life doesnt get better than this.

Let's Hear it for funny guys.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Track is 6 months old...

2.21.2012 - Today is Tracks first half birthday.  We celebrated by going to the park and having his first "big" swing experience.

He LOVED it.  Maybe he will be my risk taker (makes this mama nervous already)

Risk or not...we are in LOVE.

Well, we were in love until I decided to go down a really steep slide with G behind me and T strapped on my front.  It apparently terrified us all and I also bumped his head...that's GREAT parenting.

and he's over it.  In LOVE again.

I couldn't hardly get Mister Brother Bear to slow down enough to take a picture...he was ALL OVER THE PLACE.  He has been running on fumes lately, from a little less sleep in the ole Big Boy Bed.  Have I mentioned that I hate change...ugh.

So, Trackster - Happy Half Birthday Big Little Boy.  You can roll like a champ, you have slept through the night the last two nights (it's a start), you love your exersaucer and your jungle, you love to be on your belly with your knees under you like you are going to crawl, you constantly smile, you make raspberries, you take a 3hr morning nap at 10:30a, you love to watch your brother bounce around the house and you complete our family (for now) and most importantly you fill my heart.

Your middle name is Noah, which means "rest", "peace", and "comfort" in Hebrew.  We are finding a rhythm/ peace with two boys and there is more joy than I thought possible in having both of you together.  I pray that you would always find peace, rest and comfort in Christ all your life little man. 

I love you.

Let's Hear it for my second born son.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Zoo day...

The weather was great this last Sunday so we decided to venture out, with our community group, to the Dallas Zoo.
From left to right: Brynn, Jenn, Ethan, John, T, me, Mike. G. Betsy, Anabelle and Ben

Come on - that's a cute family.


G is at a great age for the zoo.  He was so excited in the morning that I heard him playing by himself in the dining room and overheard him say "Hey Graham, wanna go see animals" - "ok, yes".  Hilarious.

Graham and Track were both amazing.  Track rode in the Ergo most of the zoo and then I switched him to the stroller at lunch.  Graham stood (out of sheer excitement) in the stroller most of the time, or he was running, or saying "oh, wow" or making animal noises.

It is really fun to experience the world all over again through the eyes of my children.

By the way, I know you are all thinking...ugh the Dallas Zoo- the Ft. Worth Zoo is so much better.  Well, word to the wise...I worked at the Ft. Worth Zoo for a year or so my freshman year of college.  Didn't know?  I wore a pith helmet, khaki shorts (with cuff), Khaki button down (tucked in), tan socks and hiking boots.  Don't believe me?  My room mates and I wore the pith helmet (often, actually really often) in college.  I also, attended the wedding of the Elephant Keeper and a friend of mine that worked at the Jungle Grill.  Their wedding was at Don Carters and they had tattoo rings and walked down the bowling lane (they needed special permission for that) to led zeplin.  AMAZING.  I kind of wish I still worked there. 

All that to say, in comparison to the Ft. Worth Zoo - it wasn't as awesome, but the Dallas Zoo did not really disappoint.

Let's Hear it for the Weddings at the Bowling Alley.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Growing up...

The time has come for a change with my big boy.  For the last few months we have had to position his crib "just right" so he doesn't play with the curtains, grab the bookshelf, catapult himself onto the big bed in the room or open the closet door - ha.  I have found him twice now out of his crib - once stacking his guys in front of the door and the other sitting in the dark playing with Mr. Potato Head.  All this is pretty good for a guy that has been able to climb out for about a year. 
I finally got some advice from my friend, Heather, and bought a bumper for his big bed.  It came in today - no time like the present, right?
Bye bye old room and sweet crib.

Fist step:  Remove box spring and insert bumper...jump on bed.

Next up:  Wave bye bye to crib - such a brave man.

G is much stronger than this mama - der.

Next:  Move some things around.  Hello lower bed and re-positioned chair.

Ok, it's time for bed:

Mike and I crawled up on the bed with him and discussed the rules...
1.  No jumping at night night time
2.  No getting up - say "mama come get me" in the morning

We read three books and found Mr. Gold Bug on three pages and off to bed.  He fussed a little, and wanted me to sing him 12 made up songs about colors, which IS my specialty and then I left. 

He was up in 30 seconds headed for the door because he was scared.  Mike put him back to bed and then he was up about 5 minutes later laying on the floor with all his guys and blankies and I put him back to bed.  He fussed a touch and then in a few minutes there was silence in the house.

This man is courageous and brave and I am so proud of him.  He is not great at change (who does that sound like), but he dominated this move.  In fact, he handled it better than I did.  I had to ask Mike to pray with me and thank the Lord for our healthy boy, that he is growing, that we have had the blessing of seeing him through 2 years and 4 months, and that we will likely get to see him wake up in this bed many more days, all to keep from crying. 

HE MADE IT!  He slept in until his normal 8:45am, until I heard him get into the closet and snake some toys.  What a stinker.  Apparently, we are going to have to work on rule #2.  Altogether, I am really pleased with the way it went.
Thank you Jesus for the blessing of this man.

Sniff Sniff - Tear Tear - we come new stage.

Let's Hear it for Strong & Courageous Graham Bo's

Friday, February 17, 2012


This was probably the most successful and fun Valentines Day that this Hummel household has ever had.  No returning diamonds, or "don't get me a gift" even though I mean DO....sorry honey.  Anyway, the night before I hustled to get the "love bugs" ready for their big day.   I've the love bugs have been waiting for this all year, all tucked away in the closet waiting for their time to shine.

My step mom sweetly embroidered their initials on them last year before I even had T. 

Valentines Day is a weird holiday (to me anyway), and I knew I would need to explain to G why he is getting presents and why in the world we celebrate love - so I chose a verse to put on their cards that would be simple enough for my sweet Big Boy to understand...


We love, because He first loved us.   1 Jn 4:19

Mama & Dada
Ok...Fast forward to V-Day morning.  I woke up to a card and two roses from my boys.
I know what you're thinking, their handwriting has really taken off.  I have said it before and I will say it again these are SMART boys.

So here is the fun part, I sneak into the boys rooms and invade their cribs with the bugs. 

Also, please note the THEME SHEETS that my step mom sent me.  I LOVE theme stuff!  Thank you Denise, these were perfect and will come out every V-day for my next baby and next baby and next baby and even the next baby - HA - Just kidding...well, no I'm really not!
Time to read and wait for the boys to wake I am reading and waiting for the waking up to start happening.  I hear a noise then a cry (that's weird) then a agh agh aghhhhh and some more crying.  I go into G's room and his is mashed up in the corner of his crib saying..."mama scare-we, scare-we".  I explain to him that the love bug has presents in it and he instantly gets less scared.  I explain that he is getting gifts today because God loves us and we love him.  I am pretty sure he thought the gifts WERE from God.  I'm ok with that...he's I just let it go.

The play dough was the big winner here.  My man LOVES play dough.

Time to help mama cook the usual Graham Slam Special breakfast.

The menu:  Two eggs, cheese, heart shaped pancakes, strawberries and blueberries.  They say is the most important meal...and at Chez Hummel it REALLY is.

Time to "bug" the littlest man.
He got a teething ring/ car keys in his bug.

I went to work and found an orchid and small gift of dark chocolate and organic peanut butter on my desk - perfect/ thoughtful gift.

We ended the day with some love notes from the boys grandparents and my sister.

and we said goodbye to the "love bugs" until next year...he didn't seem too sad - ha.

Let's Hear it for Love.