Saturday, December 31, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

When the dog barks (?),
When the bee stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
These are a few of my favorite things,
(crescendo coming)
 and then I don't feel so bad (or is it sad).
Pretty sure I don't know the words to that song and I can't seem to get a hold of Julie Andrews (?) to help me.  I don't even know if that is the right lady actress.  Anyway, if I were a better blogger I would look it up, but you get the gist.

We got so many nice things for Christmas.  Here are a few that I keep running across at the house that I think....huh, I love that!
Anthropologie Apron from Jodi. 
I wear this when I make hot dogs in croissants and with my reindeer pants.  Mike is SO lucky.

G got this really comfortable hoodie from Kelsey.  I think it's from the Gap and it makes him look like a major baller.  Thank you (inflection on the you).

Uh, this one melts my heart...for my little urban cowboy, T.  From one middle child (thanks Nuncle Marty) to another.  Old Navy I think.

Another home run from Matt and Angela. 
This Crate and Barrel mug with a mug scarf from ETSY. 

 I love this!  This will likely be my "go to" birthday gift this year.  Even though all of my friends are "mugged out", buckle up this is coming your way.  Except I am a true friend and will definitely crochet it myself.

Peppermint candle from Whole Foods (shout out, please don't leave Richardson) from my husband.  The glass is so pretty and I really like having a candle burning in the house.  It makes stepping on puzzle pieces, tripping on size 13 shoes, and stepping on raisins all better.

Come on!  Tiny Toms for my two little men.  I love these shoes....they are well worth the investment for the little ones.  They don't stink, they are easy to get on and off and they have really flexible soles.  The drawback is that their canvas, so they get worn out.  No chance of passing G's to T, but who cares - they are really adorable.

I'm a serious sucker for homemade gifts, especially when they involve my guys.  Thanks Aunt Katie and Pinterest for the inspiration.
Matching Northface and matching PJ's.  Come On, people! - Super huge thank you to Aunt Paige.  It doesn't get much better than matching Northface jackets.

Ok - That's all that is in my line of site.  We definitely got gifts that I LOVE that are not on here and I might have to do a follow up post, so if your gift isn't on here, trust me we just haven't gotten there yet.

Let's Hear it for great Gift Givers.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Mega Babies

I had to break down and buy T a new swaddle.  He is TOO BIG for his fleece LARGE swaddle.  It has gotten to the point that he breaks his arms out and we find the "wings" around his head....dangerous?  Another example of good parenting!

So all of my friends (aka Internet reviews) swear by the Woombie.  Here it is.  Check out the bottom right corner...I had to buy the "Mega Baby" size.  Either T is huge or most people have stopped swaddling their 4 month olds.  Why do I have such a hard time getting my kids to sleep without the swaddle, we had the same battle with G?  Oh well, no worries - b/c someone out there has the same issue and made a swaddle for the mega baby - thank you!

Look happy?  He HATES it - HA! 

Speaking of Mega Babies.

We borrowed one exersaucer from our neighbor and then my dad gave us one for Christmas.
Come on...does it get much better than this?  Ridiculous.

Let's Hear it for my Mega Babes.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stocking Stuffer...

Graham got this tiny turtle in his stocking that grows up to 600% in water. 

We throw it in the bath with him one night and I am thinking this is going to win me lots of hugs and "you're amazing mama's".  We wait and wait and wait....nothing.  Disappointment sets in.  I read the package thinking maybe I am doing something wrong, not sure how when ALL you have to do is drop it in water.  Maybe I am supposed to throw it overhand like a baseball or stand on one foot and twirl it in or hold it under for a minute, or blow on it first. 

Nope...come to find out I put it in the water fine, but it could take up to 10 days to expand.

Dear .99 cent toy-
You don't have kids do you? 
Bless your heart,

So we find a jar and toss him in.

Here is our progress on day 2.  Maybe I should throw in some protein powder.

G is checking his progress every time we go to the kitchen.  God speed little turtle, God speed.

Please stay close to your computers fort he next ten days, stay home from work, don't shower - whatever it takes.  You won't want to miss this.  Good blogging material. 

Let's Hear it for 600%.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Tradition...

We did make it to MiCocina for our family tradition of special dinner and opening one gift and I am REALLY glad we did.  G and T got so many nice things for Christmas it was nice to start the holiday off with a gift just from mama and dada - and we in true form, hit it out of the park!

Another great picture of our family of four...taken by none other than me before we headed out.  My services are always available if you LOVE my work.

Whoa - G that is a big kisser!

Graham was AMAZING at dinner.  He spent the whole time putting chips into the marketing stand up deal on the table and dumping them out, repeat process.  Track was tired and having a hard time falling asleep, so we got home and put him right down.  No opening festivities for him this year!

Time to open ONE present.  We told Graham all night that he was getting to open a gift and that we were celebrating Gheezus.  We thought he might be too tired when we got home, but he went straight for the tree.  Here is what he got...
This is what you get when you ask G to smile.  Weird, but oddly adorable.

His very first wooden train set.  He is in LOVE.

Kels - thank you for watching my guys so Mike and I could go and pick this out together! 

Let's Hear it for the boy, Let's Hear it for my tiny Man's. 

Christmas 2011

Twas the night before Christmas,

When all through the house, both the creatures were stirring, not anything like a mouse.

The stockings were leaned against the tv cabinet with flare.
In hopes that Baby Gheezus would soon be there.

Well, Baby Gheezus didn't come on Christmas morning - maybe he got tired of waiting on my teenage two year old to wake up....8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, that's right friends Graham did not get up until I woke him up at 11:15am.  He had a late night on Christmas Eve and was getting some serious make up sleep.  In fact, by the time he woke up Track had already been up, eaten and back down TWICE.  So we celebrated Christmas morning on an individual basis.

T at 9am
Not looking like the Baby Einstein teether is a hit - RUDE.

G at 11:30ish.

 The biggest hit of G's stocking....Sandra Boynton "Doggies".

Dear Mrs Boynton,
Could you write a bible study next?  I have all of  your 50 children's book memorized and could use something more challenging.  You are a genius and if I could learn Scripture the way I learn about Hippos Going Berserk I would be in business. 
G & T Unit's Mama

Here is what our abode looked like after Christmas morning...Whoa.  I hope Santa Baby Mike cleans all this up while I take a snooze.
If you are wondering who was lucky enough to get a load of laundry for twas me.  No rest for the laundry fairy.

Here's to Christmas morning, a messy house and two joyful babies. 

Let's here is for a full heart.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Turkey Trot,

Dear Turkey T - Your gifts are always a surprise to us.  They show up, FedEx style, right before Christmas.  Mike's name written on the front and no sender to quench the curiosity.  I always it something for me? it a gift from someone to him?.  The suspense fills the air as I wait for my hubs to come home from working out to open the giant package.  What's that I hear...the screen door opening, Mike's home!  I casually place the package in plain sight and gently prod as to what it is.  He says he doesn't know....first let down, ripping the package open, it's from the Turkey Trot...second let down.  Don't get me wrong I am proud of Mike for winning some sort of loot at all.  Most people pay for the race and come home with the gift of satisfaction that they finished without dying.  Mike does not normally pay the entry, he doesn't really train and then he wins (annoyed? - me too), and we always get a GREAT, GOOD, CRAPPY gift.  So this years winners received the most plush, luxurious, faux pleather padfolio with the Turkey Trot insignia embossed on it.

Imagine with me:  Mike at a high powered sales meeting, asking for a 6 digit sale.  No way he can talk them into it? never know - it's a nail biter, but then in he walks with his business suit, shoes polished, product in his hair, high fashion tie and the finishing touch - pleather TT padfolio....WHAT WHAT.  Sale complete.  Commission is ours! 
 If you are in the meeting, do you ask about said folio or just slyly mark his name off the buy from list?  Turkey Trot - this padfolio probably cost you $5.00 wholesale and another $2.00 for the amazing year Mike will take a Starbucks gift card where he can buy ONE speciality drink or don't worry about a gift at all.  Side note:  I would like to commend you on improving the pointy glass trophy and logoed cd case from last year.  CD's, really?

The amazing Padfolio.
To accompany the padfolio, a lap top bag with of course an obnoxiously large and colorful Turkey Trot logo.  Again Turkey Trot, who wants to carry something around with a logo on it?  Maybe if we worked for you, and you supplied us with the laptop and then the bag to carry it?!?! 

Anywho, TT, thank you for upgrading this years bag to the $10 version with the reflective gear, so when Mike is running with his laptop at night, he will be safe. 

Not trying to be ungrateful, just practical.  Stop buying terrible stuff that EVERYONE gives to Goodwill or trashes.  Save the money, give it to the homeless guy on Alpha and the Tollway, make a bouncy ball to give to everyone so at least my kids can play with it, buy someone a meal, or do nothing at all and charge less for the race.

Just suggestions, take them for what they are worth...NOTHING.

Let's Hear it for Winnings.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Advent complete...

Well, Christmas is here and Graham and I's advent is over!  I loved sitting with him each morning at breakfast and learning a small truth.  I think I probably learned as much as he did.  The major take aways for my 2 year old are....

1.  He knows that all of the ornaments were about God.
2.  He knows that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.
3.  He gets that we exchange gifts to celebrate Jesus.
4.  He gets that Jesus/ God loves him.

He definitely couldn't grasp it all, but altogether it was a MAJOR success and I LOVED the structured time with my little one.  I'm excited to do this again next year...I know he will get a lot more next year.

All 24 days!
It's a little lot cluttered, but G likes to look at the window and get the ornaments down and play with them.  I had fun changing them out everyday and pointing back at them through out the day.

This is G pointing at his favorite one.  Jesus is the "Lamb of God".  Could be because this one is the last one we did, or because it has a fuzzy lamb on it. 
Regardless cute picture of him pointing.

I asked Graham how he felt about finishing the advent calender - he gave me this look. 
I would say he liked it!

Let's Hear it for Jesus.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Great picture...

Look at this cute picture Mike's Uncle and new Aunt just sent to us.  I can hardly even remember taking it between keeping up with G and nursing T.  I was in the 1 month baby haze, which I am totally out of now, right?  T was so tiny.

I also like this one, b/c it looks like Matt wants to hold his dad's hand (which would have been really sweet).  Matt, next time just go for it!  And Mr. H - is your suit plaid and purple?  I have never noticed that before, the plaidness....that is.

Let's Hear it for Aunt Julie.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is it possible...

for all of my kids to be this cute.  I mean I think it is just me, because they are mine - but I think everyday...these GUYS are adorable.

Also, is it possible that Graham and Graham's Dad pick the best names for his "guys".   Meet "Black Kelsey".  She's HUGE, remember we are trying to make room in our house not fill it up. 

Story goes that Mike took both boys to Target and Graham got a hold of this puppy and hugged his neck so hard and wouldn't let go.  Then all the ladies in Target started talking about how cute he was, and ba da bing ba da boom...welcome Black Kelsey to the family for full price.  Softie.

We asked Graham what he wanted to name the GIANT puppy and Kelsey happened to be coming over to watch the boys for me and presto...Black Kelsey was born.  Amazing.

Let's Hear it for Black Kelsey.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One word wednesday

Well two words (and a caption).  1st isn't a word.

1st Ear Infection:

Who's car is he in that is so dirty? - weird.

Forget the one word thing...we were on our way to the Doctor in this picture and G kept saying "doan wike hobby hobby", to which I said "baby, we aren't going to Hobby Lobby".  I guess he thinks Hobby Hobby is as irritating as I do with their SLOW check outs, NO customer service, and NOT FOR SALE Garth Brooks painting.

Let's Hear it for Ears (pun always intended).

Top 5 gifts to give...

Here I am posting about something other than my darling children.  Everyone is looking for the perfect gift this Christmas.  I LOVE to give gifts, so here are a few I have given or you  might get from me for Christmas.  Sorry about ruining the surprise in advance.

1.  For the mom of wee ones in your life. Purchased on Etsy ($3.95).

2.  For the above said wee ones...they are rubber name tags that go on sippy cups and thermi's.  These say Track Hummel...I couldn't get them for everyone else and not my own boy.
($10.00 on inchbug webby)

3.  For the workout enthusiast.  I gave these, New Balance Nimbus tennies, to all the Directors at TELOS - where I work yo - ( from my boos.  Notice mine, ready for their workout amongst my work bag and mingling with my pump.  These have already been a great help in my "On Demand" living room A** and Abs workout (ridiculous name) - it was a pretty good tv workout actually.  It promised a flat stomach and a nice round rumpis and when I asked Mike he said it showed, so there you go - a free workout tip "On Demand with At&T Uverse".  No one tell my work friends I am working out at home instead of at da club.  Whoopsies.  Anywho, I also gave these kicks to my hubs for his birthday.  They were a big hit all around.
 ($99.00 on

4.  For the snuggly man in your life, you know like Dr. Harper, John Aquirre, or even a Kark Karpenter.  I know what you are wondering right now, and yes that is Mike in the above picture.  Handsome huh?  These are the most comfortable pants (Formula Pant) EVER from lululemon.  Be ready to pay the price, but they are worth every penny.  I am pretty sure I am getting gifted the girl version from Mike for Christmas.  I hope he gives them to me while shirtless/ shoeless and flexing.  I know honey, you don't have to flex to see your muscles.  I'm so LUCKY.  ($88.00 at lulu in the Galleria or webby)

For the mom of two young boys (2 and 4 months) who writes this blog.  Wait, what?  Who wrote that?  A trendy Kate Spade diaper bag found at Buy Buy Baby on the Dallas Tollway across from the club.  Wait a minute that sounds like SOMEONE should gift that to me!  Honey - Be ready to seriously shell out for this guy, but isn't it soooo cute.  All jokes are a half truth. ($400 at Baby Store - use the 20% coupon).  You always say "everything is cheaper online" - prove it PLEASE.

5.  Ok and my last item, is this initial mug from Anthropologie.  My sister in law gave me this one and I LOVE it, use it every day - I could have at least washed it before I took it's picture...that's good blogging.  Most of my girlfriends are getting this and if you don't I' m sure I got you something else bad A.  C & J don't rush out and buy this for yourself  b/c of it's cameo on my blog.  This is not only a Christmas mug, but a birthday surprise also.
($8.00 at Athro (although I paid $80 for each of yours))

Anthropologie, "I think I love you, so what I am I so afraid of...I'm afraid that I'm not sure of, a love there is no cure for...".  I think you need to be over 50 to remember this song, it must have been one of my parents favorites, b/c I grew up listening to it.  I think it is that family with turtle shell looking hair...The Partridge Family, yes thats it.  Amazing.

Well there you have it...a blog with no pics of the boyz and ruining everyones Christmas.  This should really increase my followership.

In all seriousness, I LOVE buying gifts for people as "thank you's" or "thinking of you's" here and there.  Anyone have any great little gifty ideas I can steal?  Leave me a comment so I can stock my closet.

Let's Hear it for Giftedness (pun intended)

Skip the gifts...

And save THESE for me.

Graham spent HOURS playing with the wrapping paper rolls.  AMAZING and really cute.

Let's Hear it for Simplicity.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey...

Mike's 28 29 30 31 32 33rd birthday was earlier in December - boy we are getting OLD. 

Birthday's are certainly different with kids.  I decided to take the whole family out on his actual birthday.  We went to company cafe and had chicken and waffles (interesting).  Track was tired, so Mike held him the ENTIRE dinner, while I begged Graham to eat something/ ANYTHING.  Can you feel the festivities and hear the "Happy Birthday to You..." in the background?  I am thinking the whole time, we brought the kids, and pushed their bed times, didn't feed them, and are entertaining them at an expensive restaurant to celebrate your birthday dear...wasn't it fun?  Case in point, birthday's are different now and exciting in different ways.

Side Note:  Last time we went to this restaurant G puked at the table, so this dinner was an improvement.  I know you are thinking - didn't you learn your lesson?  Nope. 

I had actually arranged a babysitter (well, kels) to take Mike out the Friday after.  We went to Maximo's and it was delicious.  Does it count as a date if I used a Groupon?  Ha.

We had a great time just talking to each other - I honestly wish we had 5 kids and we had them 5 years ago, but there are times that I miss it just being Mike and I at dinner talking. 

Let's see 33 years old.  I have known Mike since he was 21, I think.  I am thankful the Lord put us together.  Life is just easier for me with Mike as our provider and head of household.  He is a wonderful dad and a caring husband.

Happy Birthday Honey!

Let's Hear it for more interesting birthdays to come!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Deck the Halls...

Let's be honest, we only have one hall to deck.  We hauled the tree out of the garage and plugged it in and wool-ah, half of the lights were out.  After spending too much time trying to fix our 7 year old tree...Mike went and bought us a new "skinny" tree.  It is the first thing we have purchased to save room (EVER - why? I have NO idea) and I think Mike thought "hey we're skinny lean, let's get a chic skinny tree" (he was probably thinking we were chic also, to which I agree).

Side note:  I am blogging and watching Antique Roadshow (see chicness exuding).  This lady just brought in a weird Kewpie doll and they priced it at 10K, (WTheck?).  Mental note and advice for all my followers:  If you see this doll figurine creepin around at your grandma's house over Christmas - fawn over it and see if she will will it to you, or "accidentally" drop in your open gift box and run like the wind.

Ok, back to decking the hall...

At our house, each baby gets an ornament...and they go into a box with an explanation of why we picked it and then when they get married they can pry them out of my hands and take them with them (maybe).

Here are the 2011 picks.
T got a monkey...we let Graham pick it for him.  They kind of look alike, huh?

And G picked out a puppy, because he LOVES puppies.  He was feeling very silly while we were putting up the ornaments.  I tried to get some good pictures and I succeeded in getting the same quality I always get.  I am so talented.

Maybe I should try after bath time.

Ta Da...Skinny Tree!

We would also like to thank our neighbor, Craig, for actually decorating the outside of his house.  That is next on our list of "to do's"...we still have 6 days.  Graham loves playing in his lights.

Let's Hear it for Kewpies.