Friday, May 20, 2011

I wish I could sleep like this...

or this....

I also hope he gets his Da Da's fashion sense.

I secretly LOVE it when Mike puts him to sleep in all mis-matched PJ's.

Let's Hear it for my Baby!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Red and Blue...

My friend Kelsey has RED hair and everyone always comments on how pretty it is, blah blah blah.  I keep waiting for the "Tara, you have such pretty dirty, ashy, color treated blondish hair............still waiting".  So, walking around with her is like being with an NBA basketball player that is 7'11" and people constantly talking about how tall he is - it's NON-STOP about the red hair!  So to keep her in check, I always make sure to mention to her that at our church, "gingers" are a dime a dozen (we go to a 2,000 member church - at least, so frankly everything is a dime a dozen (whatever that means)).

Big Red is also my blog designer and as you can see she is a little behind on the design update.  We are also lucky enough to work together, so I know what she does all day.....which has no bearing on this story, but it would be nice to be displaying the correct month to my 11 followers (b.t.dubs- thank you for following).

Anywho, so we are having some ridiculous conversation and we both decide that people with red hair and blue eyes are not even possible.  There are none, God decided it was a bad color combo, BOOM, the end.

Then she sends me a text that she has found someone with RED hair and BLUE eyes.

Look familiar?

Apparently, we were wrong.

Let's Hear it for RED hair.

Friday, May 6, 2011

No more "world class" DA DA...

So, G is really into Nona these days. 

You know...."Who built the ark, Nona Nona.....Who built the ark, brother Nona built the ark."

Anywho, so I'm reading Graham the Noah story again this morning and we are talking about the animals and then I go off to make pancakes and eggs for the little mister.  I hear him chatting it up at the table, flipping through a few books (similar to how a man would read the newspaper).  When all of the sudden he gets super excited and starts yelling "guurrll, gurrrll, ma ma guurrll", which I assume he is practicing the new word his daddy taught him when identifying this GIRL in his new Easter book.

So I run in to affirm him (one to confirm his smartness and two because his daddy was really excited to tell me he taught him the word girl).  To my surprise I see him pointing and being excited about the girl in the following book.

Whoopsies - it's Jesus!  Oh great, Mike taught Graham that Jesus is a GIRL

What a terrible DA DA. 

Or what a smart baby that he thinks the Jesus with long hair and a robe dress on with the same flowers and animals just might be a girl.  Don't worry I clarified the "dets" and on we went to talk about DA DA being at work for the 100th time of the morning.  I'm sure there will be no more mistaking.

These guys are in serious love!  Throw back picture - I really don't still have the Christmas tree up.

Let's Hear It for my baby, Let's Hear it for my man! (dancing with leg warmers on)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Post for DA DA...

This weekend we went to the Arboretum, which I thought was a lot of work with an 18 month old.  Thankfully Mike and I are wired differently, he thought it was perfect

My view:  Oh crap, He wants to jump in!
Mike's view:  You brought extra clothes right?

My view:  He is going to knock all of these over or onto himself!  At $30 each this will cost me....
Mike's view:  Let him out and have him come find me.  "This will be amazing!"

My view:  We will all sit down and have a great lunch that I spent time preparing.
Graham and Mike's view:  You want us to sit, do you see the covered wagon?

All and all, it was a great morning.  I am SO THANKFUL to have a husband who loves to play with my baby.  Thanks honey for being such a great dad and help to me. 

Graham and I and new baby boy all love you very much!

Let's Hear it for My Boyz!