Monday, July 18, 2011

Well, It's 185 degrees outside and...


Seriously, is this the hottest summer EVER on record, or is it just me.  Our a/c runs all day and all night, until it finally cools down to 69 degrees at 4am only to be back up to 75 degrees by 9am.  I am at the "giant" stage where even my maternity pants and shirts don't really meet anymore.  Meaning at any given point in the day I can feel a draft right above my pant line and right below my shirt line.  I'm sure many of you have caught a great glimpse of my actual skin - AMAZING!

I must be pretty big, because people keep asking me if I am going to pop and if the baby is due tomorrow.  Work to the wise people...NO MATTER HOW BIG A PREGNANT LADY kind and tell her she is SO TINY!

Also, those who shall remain nameless (jil from work) that have seen me this pregnancy and with G, no need to express how much bigger you think I am this go round.  Again, stick with flattery!  

Here I am at 36 weeks with G-Unit. 
 "Oh gurl, you look so tiny, I was a giant cow when I was pregnant". (see how easy that is)

Just wait 3 or 4 ,more weeks and you will get a true shot of what gigantic really looks like.  At the end, my belly gets so big it almost sags to the ground and the water retention in my face makes me look in the 180's range.  Also, AMAZING. 

All in all, carry on people....say what you will.  I am growing a person inside of me - what are you doing?  I will be back to 35 weeks before you can blink and you will never have known me not pregnant.  What am I supposed to do, these babies kind of wreck your body, but why stop when I can have more and more of these.

Let's Hear it for my Mister Sneaky Face!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My husband is better than yours (and better than me)...

So, Mike officially completed his first Olympic triathlon this past weekend. 
Could you do that?  I couldn't.
That's why we are a team.  I (bare, bear, behr?!?!?) children and create memories and he is athletic.

Tall guy, blue cap.  The guy in front of him looks cold (just an observation).

Oh there he is "transitioning".

And finishing the race.   Again - could you do that?
I didn't think so.

Speaking of my husband.  He is sitting across from me working and he has his iPhone plugged in.  I'm thinking GREAT, let's get some new blog material from his phone camera.  I bet he has cute  pictures of my mister baby man's that I don't.  Check out what i found...

Screen shots to prove his amazingness at Words, Humble?

Bag of lettuce and then lettuce blended.  Mmmm.  Anyone want to come over?

Mike's boss and co-worker.  Wouldn't you want to buy what they are selling?

I think this must be what they are selling. 
Seriously, Sexy.

Who do you think this one is going to?  Our personal home IT Director?

Let's see here....sprouting something.

Smart thinking, can't lose the car if you take a pic of where you parked it.

Won't forget the details if he has a picture. 
Maybe I should take a picture of where HIS bath towel goes.

So there were a few pictures of the baby on his phone, as well as a few bazillion of the dog, some cool sports cars driving down the road and of course a few dozen meals he has eaten.  Is this normal?  I would like to know what other dudes have in their camera phones. 

Good thing it is not his job to preserve the family memories. 

Side Note:  We are also watching "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE" , and I SERIOUSLY LOVE it when Mike says "I could do that" or "they haven't done anything I don't already do...yet".  Come on....that's funny.

Love you honey.

Let's Hear it for my Huzband (em-pha-SIS on the Z).