Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Jep...

If you watch Duck Dynasty you might know what "my jep" means.  Basically at one point these three boys mom says something along the lines of "I don't have a favorite child, but if I did it would be Jep."  Ppppffftttt.  Well, I certainly don't have a favorite, but if I did... Just kidding.
Here is Coop after a bath with a comb over.  So handsome.
I have had a "feeling" about all of my boys when they were born.  Graham is my docile/ sweet/ thinker who was meant to do great things (I can tell).  Track is my strong/ loyal/ comedic guy who will be a leader of men (come on - I can tell).  My intuition on Coop is that he is going to be our glue - our ultimate lover of all - a peacemaker if you will (again mama knows).  Both of my boys love this child and I think he will hold the big brothers together.  So far he is a sweet and easy baby.  He sleeps a reasonable amount and he LOVES to be with his mom - a little more than Track and maybe even more than Graham, which blows my mind.  I love that these kids want to be with me.  Sometimes I wonder why, especially the days that I don't even want to be with me...Ha.
Here is Track taking a break from hogging all baby equipment to love on Coop.
Here is Graham giving Coop, excuse me Pad-O a hug.  He refuses to call him Cooper because he wanted to name him Pad-O...Ppppfffttt.
These children are a blessing from the Lord and were made for great things.  I can totally tell - I mean I'm their mom.
Let's Hear it for Graham, Track and Pad-O.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013...

Easter was a bit different this year, as I just had a baby the Wednesday before.  Will his birthday ever be on Easter?  Does it even work like that?

Anyway, I had prepared a little before the baby arrived so the boys would have Easter Baskets and Graham and I had been doing our Resurrection Eggs.  Easter morning came and all of us, especially me,/ were a little under the weather - so no church service.  I LOVE Easter morning service, but it wasn't in the cards for us this year. 
We still had a great Easter morning...

Easter egg trail from the boys rooms to their baskets.
In to wake Graham up, because it was 10am...
Picking up my 40lb 3 year old.  No one tell my midwife! 
Sheer excitement at the egg trail. 
Graham Bunny...
On to waking up the Trackers.

Track Bunny...
Cooper Bunny... 
Don't mind the beautiful wood panelling, we are obviously still in the dOOplex.
We woke the boys up for a 30 second Easter Egg not sure it was worth it. 
Graham "explaining" the rules... 
After the hunt we played for just a bit.  I was pretty tired, so we picked up our rocking chairs from the duplex, took them to the new house and let the boys explore the back yard.

 Here I am with Coop (for documenting sake)...I'm pretty sure Graham took this picture.
Let's Hear it for Mike's New Camera
(which he "says" is for me having the new baby - I am secretly relived to be "off" picture duty.