Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Graham woke up in a silly mood this morning.  Must be the weather or maybe it's that I accidentally put Track's clothes on him last night as PJ's  I didn't even fix my mistake, which is not like me.  Typically, I am a little obsessive about the boys wearing clean and comfortable clothes to bed - even though they don't care - OBVIOUSLY.  Subconsciously or CONSCIOUSLY I was thinking his little belly and high waters were adorable... 

Here he is asking me to take a "silly sleeping picture".

Oh and this is his "beaver face"...

Bless the Lord O My Soul....This child AMAZES me.

Let's Hear it for the Ham.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This guy...

This guy has been working on his stall tactics
Today, during nap time, they were better than ever. 
It went like this...
G:  Mama, Mama, Mama, Mommy?
Me:  Yes, babe - why are you yelling for your mama?
G:  I just wanted to tell you a story.
Me:  Ok.  Great.  Tell me a story sugar,
G:  Ok, Lay down! (sneaky)...One day, Daddy and Graham went to Home Depot.  We bought some brooms, some games, some bonks and some ganks.  After that we went to Whole Foods, but we didn't eat there we took it home to eat dinner.  Then we went back to Home Depot and bought an iPad and a phone.  Wanna watch a Monkey Moobie ma? 
Me:  Not right now baby,  you need to go night night.
Fast forward 10 minutes...
G:  Mommy, Ma, Mama, MAMA, MOMMY
Me:  Yes. Honey - Again why are you yelling for your mom?
G:  Well I just need to know what letter comes after V?
Me:  What letter do you think comes after V?
G:  Well, W Ma....(like duh)
Me:  Ok, babe - really lay down and go night night
Fast forward 5 minutes...
Me:  Yes baby
G:  You still reading your bible?
Me:  No honey, that was this morning.
G:  Oh, I see...I pooped
Me:  I can smell it...want me to change you?
G:  Yes, but no wipes.
(again, lay down, go night night, blah blah)
Fast forward 10 minutes...
G:  I've been working on the railroad all the live long day (singing - LOUD)
Me:  Baby, Mama loves your voice, but you need to go night night
G:  I have a nice voice...
Me:  Yes you do.
G:  Is daddy still at work?  I just want my dad.
Me:  Your dad will be home for dinner, sugar.
G:  Do you think he is playing the iPad?
Me:  I don't think so, I think he is working.
Let's Hear it for Serious Stalling

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogging's Back, Alright!

There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch that's bringing me back... you can all thank Adele for bringing me back to blogging.
I just checked my camera to see what I had been up to the last few weeks, months, whatev...
Mike and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary.  We went away for one night to Rough Creek Lodge, in Glen Rose, and we used all of our emergency savings plus the boys college funds plus all of your money and your dogs money.  It was worth it - I think.
Graham is still pant less and has the most amazing hair ever.
I still take really bad pictures. 
How many wrong things do you see in this photo?
Its like Goofus and Gallant (or something like that) from Highlights when I was a kid. 
1.  Graham's eyes are closed.
2.  Someone (Mike) put mismatched socks on Grahamsters! 
 (dorky sock/ tennis shoe combo alert)
3.  Tracks belly is hanging over his Capri pants.
 (said as if Capri pants are ok?)
4.  Who's sexy arms are those?
5.  And yes I know, Track is a beautiful child.  That's his model pose - I just need crop out his tummy and send it off to Models Under God or whatever that is.
Track really likes to hang onto my legs while I cook dinner.  It is super convenient and I get A LOT done, but look at that face...
We are selling the house!  and Graham!  Just kidding.  "REJECTED - TOO CUTE."
Other things going on that you are probably dying to know.
1.  I am 18 weeks pregnant and thinking about getting prenatal care.
2.  I just got home from bible study to find an iPhone 5 on my nightstand (typical Mike behavior).  I apparently NEED an iPhone 5 to take better pictures and make 5 phone calls.  I bet there are so many features I have never even thought about using.  Sometimes I consider going back to the ole Nokia brick phone and Snake.  Anyone with me?  We could be out of work and losing our home and my husband would find a way to have the latest iPhone.  I think he thinks if he gets me one too, it is ok for him to upgrade.  Hilarious.  Whatever.  I'm going to make that lady in it my new BFF.
3.  Track can walk.  No. I am not still nursing him - although if I wasn't pregnant...
4.  No.  Graham is not potty trained.  I keep buying him a special Hail Merry Tart that he REALLY wants and he can have it if he goes poo poo on the potty.  Funny thing is, Mike gets tired of waiting for the "big show" and eats Grahams treat in a day or so - ha.  No reward = no training.  Really, I am waiting to get a contract on the house then it will be boot camp.  I think it will be an overnight success.  I am cracking myself up tonight.  Why did I ever stop blogging?
Oh, Adele is calling - gotta go.
Let's Hear it for Catching Up