Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend in Boerne...

Last weekend I took the boys (with help from Kels) to visit my college roommates, Jodi and Carie.  Flying with two little boys is not easy, but having Kels to keep Graham entertained was key. 

Track was wiggly, but who can blame him - being confined and not able to crawl is not for an active 11 month old - nothing a healthy dose of Praise Baby couldn't handle. 

We were all thankful to have landed. 

 Kels and I are laughing because Graham was literally yelling (in a very sweet way) "hi" about 5 inches from an elderly woman's face.

Here are the babies...
Stella, Track, Whitten, Sam and Graham

Stella and Track are 3 weeks apart.  They are so cute.

The group picture on our last day was not what the kids had in mind.

All and all the boys did great.  They adjusted to being in a different place flawlessly with the exception of Graham napping.  We were all so busy with our kids that we didn't get any pictures of the adults - typical  It was very fun and long over due to see Carie and Jodi.  They are two of my dearest friends and it was great to spend times with their kids.

Let's Hear it for Traveling

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hunger Month...

June was Hunger Month at our church (  Maybe it is Hunger Month in general, I'm not really sure.  Regardless, this year we thought it would be fun to involve Graham and take Track along for the ride (literally).  So we head off to the bank, pull some cash (Mike was going for a teachable moment and asked G where the money came from and Graham responded a resounding - KELS! - Ha.)  Anywho, off to Walmart we go where I start crying because some babies don't have the diapers and food they need.  BREAK MY HEART.  I think Mike and Graham both thought I was CRAZY.  So we bought a bunch of diapers and formula and headed to drop them off.  We explained to Graham that the Lord has blessed us with more than enough so we are helping other people that don't have as much.  I don't think he got it, but he kept repeating the concept and was excited to help Mom and Dad drop it all off in the Ryder truck at church.

We are looking forward to many more opportunities to show G and T service to others.

Lets Hear it for Teachable Moments

Thursday, July 19, 2012


My child can not get enough of this sleep device that Mike sells.  He wants to put it on his face and typically he also wants to wear the nasal cannula that goes with it.  Thankfully this rouge unit he found in our bedroom is missing the nose part.
It's like a live demo....
(honey you should show this to your clients so they will know that even a two year old can use this thing.  I am full of good sales advice.  Also, I can record him doing this if that would be better for you.  Love you.)

You put it on, hit the on button and it says something along the lines of...

 "the unicorder is now on" - CHECK

"lay on your back, stare at the ceiling and do not move" - CHECK

"now you may go to sleep" - CHECK
Pretend sleeping is always a laugh maker at our house.  This guy could do this over and over and over again.  He for some reason thinks that robot voice in this device is AWESOME.

Let's Hear it for Home Sleep Tests

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gymdandies for T...

I started attending Gymdandies with Graham when I was pregnant with Track last year.  I wanted something fun to do together and that had a little structure, especially since we don't do Preschool or Mother's Day out.  I have posted before about how much fun Graham thinks it is and now that Track is old enough he seems to think it is equally as fun.  This might be the best $40 a month I spend.

I love this face - might be my favorite face he makes...ELATED.

Let's Hear it for the City of Richardson

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Face plant...

Check out my poor little buddies face.  He decided it was doable to jump from a half brick wall to a bench below at the grocery store last night.  Well he either over shot the bench or tripped on it and landed right on the cement with little embedded stones in it.  It was a bold move (Parkour - for Tommy).  He cried for about 3 minutes and then was over it.  It looks worse than I think it feels.  Although, he keeps telling me "mommy I don't feel better" - I think he feels ok, just a little sore and loving all the extra attention (as if this child does not get enough attention).  The scariest part for me was the buckets he was sweating from the adrenaline.

Here he is when we got home...notice the sweat and flat hair.

Here is my sweet boy this morning. 
Just some morning reading about Curious George making pancakes.

Let's Hear it for Being Brave

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

T's first cold...

Track has his first little cold, which is weird that it happened in the summer.  He is in a surprisingly good mood for not feeling well.  He got up early this morning and just laid on the living room floor with his blankie.  Sweet child.

Look at those sad little sick eyes.

Let's Hear it for Track
(toughing it out)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Be still my heart...

I still look at these two and wonder how in the world they belong to me.  They are too cute and too sweet to be any child of mine.

Let's Hear it for the Boyz

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Graham is starting to actually color the objects instead of scribble on the whole page.  Genius? - Likely.

Come on - that's great blog material.

Let's Hear it for Curious George

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer time...

There is really nothing better than a few cute boys (except maybe a few more) in swim trunks at the pool all summer.
Hay Ladies....

and thank you grandmom for my "doodles".

Let's Hear it for the Canyon Creek Pool

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tiger Feet...

Graham wanted to accompany Mike to deliver a gift to our neighbor's house last week.  Mike let him pick what he wanted to wear...

Tiger Feet - Check.

No Pants - Check.

Looking at me like, "what mom, why are you taking so many pictures?".

Let's Hear it for Tigers