Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

So my grand idea for Father's Day was to get Graham and Mike matching Mavs championship t-shirts.  Great idea, right?

Problem #1:  Apparently most toddlers don't care that the Mavs won a championship - or at least they don't want to flaunt it by wearing an appropriate sized t-shirt., b/c NO one makes a 2T Mavs shirt.  I could find onesie's, but if you know Mike he does NOT think there is a event of any type that would warrant the wearing of onesie by a 1 and a half year old.

Problem #2:  All the championship shirts are Sponge Bob Squareshirts.  They are stiff, shaped like giant boxes and the graphic is super blah.

Solution:  The Mavs should hire me to "do some stuff" for them and make them a  lot of money b/c I bet they barely tun a profit.  That would however, take away from my "doing stuff" for a few hours at my own job, so maybe it won't work out.

So for Fathers Day, we ended up getting Mike and overpriced vintage Mavs t-shirt, some Jack Black Beard Lube and G got some matching Mavs Toddler socks.  That's right I said Toddler socks, so they make socks but no T's, hmmmm...   You know it is a good gift when they put the shirt on, use the new shaving cream and hand me the baby socks knowing "I know what drawer G's socks go in" (as if I have changed his sock drawer since he was born).

G waiting to be "invited" to open Da Da's present.

Reading the card (as if he had never seen it before).

Attack of the giant, drooling German baby.  Hide your stuff, your friends and your children.

I've said it before, but my husband is a great dad and we are lucky to have him.

Let's Hear it for my Boyz.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Helpful Tip - Photography 101:  When you are on vacation and someone asks you to take a picture, to ZOOM in a bit so you can see the subjects.

Let's Her it for Helpful Tips. 

 (Don't worry, I'm sure the lady that took this is taking a "break" from reading my blog -she won't be offended)
Bless her heart.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kayla's Back ALRIGHT....

Kayla was G's nanny last summer and she is back for another summer with my Monster.  Kayla usually leaves before Graham is awake from his nap, so I have occasionally gotten a "surprise" when I go get him out of bed.  When he was 9 months old I got him up and he was dressed like a Tiny Chinaman.

Today, I get him up and he is dressed like a Guatemalan soccer player.

Kayla is Kelsey's sister, so I think Red is probably the Master Mind behind G's wardrobe and Kayla carries out the humor.  Thank you Carpenter family to traveling all the way to China (San Fran) and Guatemala and remembering G-unit. 

This has been the highlight of my day, it's so funny to me.  It's such a shock to get the baby out of a dark room and look down to try and figure out what in the world he is wearing, only to realize he has been themed.

Let's Hear it for the Carpenters. 


We started our first official swim (uh hmm -wild toddler goof off) class tonight.  Other moms were super serious about doing some beginner swim moves....I was concentrating on not letting my "always parched" child drink every ounce of the pool water so lessons could continue.

It was HILARIOUS.  It's one of those times I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry - because we were both having such a good time (and I am giant pregnant).  I can't believe he is old enough to love the water and I am old enough to have a baby (which I guess I could be 15 and have a baby - but thank goodness I'm not - what a mess of a mom I would have been in my "no side seam girbauds" and county seat forest green and tan hooded shirt).  G is a giant toddler and I think his favorite part was getting back to the pool chair where his apples and water were.  I felt like I needed to apologize to him for asking him to take an eating break for 30min....jeez.

If I knew what was going on on Facebook and  had a page my status would be .... I am thankful for a baby with a wonderful personality, who is healthy, a great eater and sleeper, loves his mama, and didn't die from drinking chlorine.  So my"friends" could think I was super annoying for thinking I have a perfect baby. 

Facebook is of the devil - I am sure of it.

More on swimming tomorrow.... It is DA DA's turn in the pool with G monster.

Let's Hear it for MY BABY, Let's Hear it for my little man!  (to the original/ classic tune)