Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He's Cute

and VERY silly.

Let's Hear it for the Boy

Monday, December 13, 2010

Are these things on?

Daddy - If you can hear me, I overheard mama saying you were ruining her blog by taking all 50 of the iPhone cords with you in your stupid "gym bag" (her words, not mine) when you travel.

I also heard her say something about a necklace with a G on it and something about downtown McKinney and Christmas. 

Please return promptly, oh and I love you, (less then mama, but I still love you).

Let's Hear it for 3rd Person. (right?, 3rd person?)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Red, Blogging and Baze

Check out my new blog background and banner - what whatMy web designer is a genius.  Web designer - ha - thanks Biggy Biggster Red Hair.  I love LOVE love the banner with G singing. 

Kels - You are a great friend.  I am so thankful for your loyalty, care free/ fun attitude and giant hair.  We joke about you finding a husband, but you are a great catch.  In fact, so great that I have found you the perfect person

Nate Basil - oh Yea.

He owns a bar, wears combat boots, is super tall, has cool hair and is bound to go to church (bars are closed on Sunday, right?).

Sister Wife #1:  Matthew Fox
Sister Wife #2:  Nate Basil

Let's Hear it For Kelsey Basil (emphasis on the Bay - Zul (and in vibrato))

Monday, December 6, 2010

Just in time...

Thank you Denise for the best care package last week.  THEME SHEETS (what what), for G, and a surprise peppermint candle, for me - that I LOVE.

It is so fun to get things in the mail, especially when they contain THEME items and rotten bananas (get it together T) and sweet potatoes peeking out of the box.  Lucky me!

Let's Hear it for Themise (you know - Theme plus Denise).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Natural Grocers, Richardson, do you hate me?

Mike and I shop at Natural Grocers, because we find it to be cheaper than Whole Foods and they have a great selection on organic and local foods.  It is equally convenient to us in Richardson. 

Since having the baby, it is more of a challenge to get to the grocery store with him.  Pack teething biscuits, pack water, spare diaper, a few toys, baby, backpack, shopping list, reusable bags, etc.  But we get it done and have food on the table.

However, my last two shopping experiences have been nothing short of misery.  They changed produce bags on me.  So now, I grab 18 produce bags and spend at least 1 minute trying to open each one.  Rubbing my fingers over the edges, blowing on them, licking them, big hand rubbing them, and NOTHING works.  OH MY GOODNESS - so frustrating.  You are probably thinking it is my problem, but I see other people struggling too.  Maybe I should put all of my produce loose in the bottom of my cart - that would show them! 

All while trying to open these #*#* things, Graham has dropped his teething biscuit 100 times, he is trying to eat a bag (maybe a choking hazard, but not suffocation b/c you can't open them), he wants to move, he is eating cheese through the packaging, all while I am cussing at the stupid bags.

Can I get a break please Natural Grocers?  I am trying to shop with a 1 year old - I DON'T HAVE TIME TO RUB RUB RUB RUB RUB RUB RUB these bags to death to open them.

Let's Hear is for Whole Foods. (ha ha - take that NG)