Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He's Cute

and VERY silly.

Let's Hear it for the Boy

Monday, December 13, 2010

Are these things on?

Daddy - If you can hear me, I overheard mama saying you were ruining her blog by taking all 50 of the iPhone cords with you in your stupid "gym bag" (her words, not mine) when you travel.

I also heard her say something about a necklace with a G on it and something about downtown McKinney and Christmas. 

Please return promptly, oh and I love you, (less then mama, but I still love you).

Let's Hear it for 3rd Person. (right?, 3rd person?)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Red, Blogging and Baze

Check out my new blog background and banner - what whatMy web designer is a genius.  Web designer - ha - thanks Biggy Biggster Red Hair.  I love LOVE love the banner with G singing. 

Kels - You are a great friend.  I am so thankful for your loyalty, care free/ fun attitude and giant hair.  We joke about you finding a husband, but you are a great catch.  In fact, so great that I have found you the perfect person

Nate Basil - oh Yea.

He owns a bar, wears combat boots, is super tall, has cool hair and is bound to go to church (bars are closed on Sunday, right?).

Sister Wife #1:  Matthew Fox
Sister Wife #2:  Nate Basil

Let's Hear it For Kelsey Basil (emphasis on the Bay - Zul (and in vibrato))

Monday, December 6, 2010

Just in time...

Thank you Denise for the best care package last week.  THEME SHEETS (what what), for G, and a surprise peppermint candle, for me - that I LOVE.

It is so fun to get things in the mail, especially when they contain THEME items and rotten bananas (get it together T) and sweet potatoes peeking out of the box.  Lucky me!

Let's Hear it for Themise (you know - Theme plus Denise).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Natural Grocers, Richardson, do you hate me?

Mike and I shop at Natural Grocers, because we find it to be cheaper than Whole Foods and they have a great selection on organic and local foods.  It is equally convenient to us in Richardson. 

Since having the baby, it is more of a challenge to get to the grocery store with him.  Pack teething biscuits, pack water, spare diaper, a few toys, baby, backpack, shopping list, reusable bags, etc.  But we get it done and have food on the table.

However, my last two shopping experiences have been nothing short of misery.  They changed produce bags on me.  So now, I grab 18 produce bags and spend at least 1 minute trying to open each one.  Rubbing my fingers over the edges, blowing on them, licking them, big hand rubbing them, and NOTHING works.  OH MY GOODNESS - so frustrating.  You are probably thinking it is my problem, but I see other people struggling too.  Maybe I should put all of my produce loose in the bottom of my cart - that would show them! 

All while trying to open these #*#* things, Graham has dropped his teething biscuit 100 times, he is trying to eat a bag (maybe a choking hazard, but not suffocation b/c you can't open them), he wants to move, he is eating cheese through the packaging, all while I am cussing at the stupid bags.

Can I get a break please Natural Grocers?  I am trying to shop with a 1 year old - I DON'T HAVE TIME TO RUB RUB RUB RUB RUB RUB RUB these bags to death to open them.

Let's Hear is for Whole Foods. (ha ha - take that NG)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your daddy what?

Graham, one day when you read this I wanted you to know that your DA took you to the Whole Foods with this outfit on.

I know you are thinking, why did you let me wear a giant fleece one piece suit, when I was a big boy and we live in Texas on top of fleece gloves and a hat that don't match?

And the answer is, b/c your DA has no shame.  If it is any consolation, he wore his house shoes...he likes to pretend they are regular shoes and he did bring home delicious breakfast tacos.


Let's Hear it for your Dad.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks Dad...

My parents are great gift givers.  It seems like every year the gifts are bigger and better, well this holds true for Graham now as well.  For his birthday, my dad bought him a tricycle.  I know you are thinking, "the man is one" he won't be tricycling for years.  Well, guess what he can get on it, pedal it, ride it downstairs, and do a wheelie.  Just kidding, the man can't even balance unassisted on a chair.

Anywho, so we get this giant tricycle, that goes from a high setting to a slow setting and it has a push bar on it, it can make you breakfast, etc.  It is super fancy.

I thought we might put it away for awhile and bring it back out when he is bigger.  Well, no can do.  Graham LOVES to sit on this thing (even though his feet don't touch the pedals) and he loves to push it around the house and down the street.

side note:  please excuse the giant sleeper thing he is wearing (usually not my style, but it was freezing) and the "laundry fairy" was lazy about washing regular pj's.

Back to the story, so the gist is - this trike is huge and he is not, yet.

So ponder this.....who do you think has to put him on and off of the thing and then proceed to balance him while pushing it - MAMA.  Who do you think has to turn the giant trike when he rams it into every wall and cabinet in our very small 5 point turn house - MAMA.  Whos back do you think aches from leaning over - not G's - his MAMASo thanks dad, you got me and I know you owe from my childhood....the only way this gift could be any better is if it make really loud siren noises and needed me to replace the batteries every 2-days (with a cover that you need a screwdriver to undo).

Dad- if you want me to say that I will come and get all of my high school and college junk out of your house in return for buying independent, user friendly gifts from here forward - DEAL.  But, I have a feeling you think this is SUPER hilarious.

In all seriousness, I love you - thanks for the great tricycle that gives Graham and I unlimited quality time together.  After all, my back only hurts a little.  :)

Let's Hear it for the Boys (including my dad) (singing medium tone and then fading out).

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Jammies

Let's Hear it for Jesus and His Birthday. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's Hear it for Shutterfly...

The Friday before Graham's Saturday birthday, I realized I was out of Thank You notes.  I knew I would need them for birthday gifts and I wanted them to be unique.  I searched online for "photo thank you cards" and got Shutterfly.  This is the card I created in literally 5 minutes.  Note:  Nothing ever takes ME 5 minutes, b/c I want to explore all my options.

Cute, huh?  Well, it was the hit of his birthday.  I got SO many calls to tell me how great they were.  Funny, when something takes me 3 hours it comes out looking homemade and then this thing takes me 5 minutes turns out like gold.  These came out better than I could have imagined - I LOVE them (and him).

So, I definitely want to use one of the Shutterfly designs for Christmas.  I am thinking one of the following.

The problem is, there are so many cute designs. 
I probably need to pick the one that only takes me 5 minutes.

I have also thought a lot about making a canvas print.  I have seem some recently in friends homes and they are really cute.  You can make them at Shutterfly too.

I tired the pictures below, but I am thinking about changing it to one of his face and another of Mike, Graham and I.  I can't decide, but it is easy enough to change out the pictures and look at each one, then decide.

Anyway, it seems like there are so many cute photo gift ideas, especially since we have G. 

So, Shutteryfly:  Thank you for making me look extra creative, resourceful and smart in a matter of 5 minutes.  You do not look homemade and you are easy to use and that I am thankful for you.  Let's stay friends.

Let's Hear it for Shutterfly (singing to the original tune).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You be the Judge.

This morning I am straightening up the house, as usual, for the nanny to come over.  It's like cleaning up so when the housekeeper comes to clean she won't think you are a slob.  Same thing here, I don't want her to think we are disgusting, so I run around and stuff things in drawers and put a bunch of junk in Mike's office, etc.  Well she comes every day at 9:30a.  It's around 9:25a and I am picking up the bathroom when I notice this...

Oh CRAP - literally!

I immediately realize these are the last two rolls of toilet paper in the house and they each have approximately a half revolution of paper left.  No time to go to the store.  Can't borrow from a neighbor in the few minutes I have before she shows up.  I am thinking to myself "How can I not get it together enough to have backup "teeps" or Kleenex or something?"  She is definitely going to know we don't have it together now -(I have hidden it so well to this point.)

I already told her the day before to use the last of Graham's travel wipes, because I ran out of those too - so that's not an option (not that it was really viable in the first place).

So here is my solution...

Just a few casual kitchen napkins hanging out with the sad rolls. 

In poor taste or resourceful? - you be the judge. 
I mean what was I supposed to do? 

Jules - I don't think you read my blog, but if you do - I AM SO SORRY (and mortified) - how embarrassing.  I literally did not have a better solution. 
I'm disgusting.

Let's Hear it for anyone but Me. (singing sadly and softly to myself)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Moving on...

HATE saying goodbye to Graham's baby stuff.  I know, I know - all phases are good (thank you for this gem of knowledge - people that feel the need to point out how all phases are great, so I shouldn't be sad - REALLY? - I will also add this to the "really smart things to say list").

Anywho - I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Baby Bijorn.  I wore it to the grocery store, on walks, to the dog park, antique shopping, etc.  I was wearing it just last month.  I would continue to wear if it didn't break my back and give me chronic shoulder problems because my once small babe is now a beefer.  People have looked at me with the "oh mam, he is too big for that" eyes and I am finally caving and saying goodbye.  After all, all these people are way better parents then I am, so I am taking their passive advice and giving up the Bijorn (I mean he is almost as big as me). 

So, Goodbye Bijorn, I will miss your hands free assistance.


They" make a carrier that is rated to 40lbs or 3 years.  That's right 3 years - what what!  I literally sped to the store and bought it!  So, say hello to my new Ergo Carrier (did I mention it's organic - holla).

  That's right, passive eye lookers, eat your heart out - I will wear G until he is 3 or maybe even 4.  I might even take him to kindergarten in the carrier.  Judge if you will, but having a large baby on my back is priceless in comparison to lugging a stroller around, or not getting to go to my favorite stores b/c the isles aren't wide enough, or having both hands free.  Not to mention I love having him that close to me and he LOVES it too.  So, Mr. and Mrs. Glaring Eye Roller Rollers...don't judge I could be breastfeeding in the carrier (you really can do that in this thing) - hmmm, something to think about.

Consider this G (with a 90's chili bowl) and me on his first day of kindergarten (after I wanter the morning pansies -right?).  And remember you aren't carrying the 40lb kid - I am!

Let's Hear it for the Organic Ergo Carrier!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Graham turned one and is a new man, he has overcome his fear of the big tub (and I didn't even have to get in with him).  Now he hears the water going, runs to the bathroom and trys to climb in with his clothes on.  So we went from freaking out to deep sea diver - strange.  His Nana got him new tub toys for his birthday and that really lured him in as well as some mood setting from DA.

Hated it, switched off the fear, LOVES it. 
He is SO advanced.

Let's Hear it for the Boys.

Let's Hear it for my Baby.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Graham got this ball for his birthday and he LOVES it.  Well he is not the only one in our household that LOVE LOVE LOVES it.  In fact, Landry thinks she won't have to share if she sleeps on it - RUDE.  By the looks of this picture, maybe I shouldnt want to share with her.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Haircuts Halloween

G "acting" like a horse.

Let's Hear It for the Boys.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spooky Dinner...

We had our 2nd annual Spooky Dinner with our Community Group.  I would say it's spookiness improved from 2 years ago.  I know after you look at this post you might think, "man the first one must have been extra extra lame" and to you I say, you're just jealous.  

The Cholicks (not pictured: Anabelle)

Some Selfs (Not pictured: John and Ethan)

The Hummels

Spooky Food:
(G - not spooky, just leftover decor from afternoon birthday party). 
Two parties in one day, I was really flexing my hostessing skillz.

Next year:  Costumes are on the agenda.

Let's Hear It For my THEMES (singing one key and beautifully - like the song)

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm One

Waking up to two wonderful singers serenading "Happy Birthday" and some birthday hat pictures. 
Lucky Boy - Check

Details - Check

Birthday Shirt - Check

Mom and Dad - Check

Candle, Singing and Gifts - Check
G's favorite Organic Sweet Potatoes (I added some cinnamon and butter for an extra special birthday treat - lucky lucky boy).  Before everyone freaks out - I got the adults cookies (thank you Groupon).

So far the favorites are the Little People Airplane, Fridge Magnets, Leap Frog Book, and Cat with Piano Teeth.  If your gift wasn't listed, be warned it will be a favorite by next week. 
G is easy to please.

Thank you for all the gifts, we never expected so much.

Birthday Nap - Check

Birthday Bath (in baby tub) - Check

Watching the World Series (nakey) with DA - Check

Night Night with his favorite person - Check

Mike came in and read us two birthday books and said a sweet prayer of thanks for our last year with Graham and asked for the Lord's blessing on our year to come.  I won't bore you with all the great things I love about my son, but there are many.  This has been the best year of my life and I am pretty sure his also (Graham, that is). 

Graham had a great birthday. Thanks to Mike's family for helping cook and clean and thanks to my family for driving all the way from Ft. Worth.  We appreciate all you have done for Graham in the past year.