Wednesday, September 28, 2011

EX-CUSE- Me...

So, I am talking to Graham this morning about picking up his know standard stuff "we pick up one toy before we get out another, we pick your animals and blankies up off the floor, b/c mama doesnt mop enough ever and the floor is gross, etc."

I walk out to get the Mister Man's his morning tea and return to see his room "cleaned up".

His typical "check out what I did face". 

Apparently, I did not set the appropriate parameters for where one should put said animals when you pick them up off the floor.  Maybe he needs more space for his "guys".  He was very proud of himself, and I was too.  Come on that's funny.

If you were wondering the way to my child's heart it is by way of Haircut, Regular Puppy, V-Neck Puppy, Mommies Puppy and Blue Blankie (all names chosen by my husband of course - even stuffed animals don't get serious names like Charlie or Stewart - Haircut and V-Neck only around here).

Let's Hear it for my Baby, Let's Hear it for my Man. 
(singing medium to high volume- regular style)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just the two of us...

We are really making progress in the Hummer household.  Seriously, to all Hummel's reading my blog - don't you ever think it would be pretty killer if our last name was Hummer?

Dear Cooking Lightly,

Please resubmit your glorious offer for me to spend my money on you for recipes I likely won't make and this time spell my name correctly and you might have a chance.

Tara Dawnasaurous Hummer

PS.  Also, you would have a better chance if you threw a nickle in the envelope like some solicitors.  I like the extra nickle technique.

Side note:  Do I need some hand lotion or what?  Ick. 

Graham on the other hand thinks, Hummel is a great last name.
(so smart - says his mom)

Ok - Back to getting somewhere. 

Pictured above:  G kindly giving T his Paci.  Success!

This is after I had to tell Graham that Track can not have chips, tea, or an orange.  All of which he was holding up to his mouth.  He looked at me like, well what can I give him?  Good question - panic setting in.  Then I intelligently explained that Track can only have milk, (BACKFIRE - in multiple ways) to which Graham went to the fridge and brought Track the carton of milk.  Hmmm - so again I am left to explain what kind of milk Track can have (no thank you/ not today - time for a distraction).  Me:  "hey, why don't you give Track his Paci?"  Ta Da - Parenting at it's finest.  PROGRESS!

I later ask my husband what I should say to G when he asks "what's that?" 1000 times in the 20 minutes I am feeding T.  To which, he had ridiculous creative responses, that can not be written on my blog.  Thanks a lot honey!  Very similar to the "let's name our child convo"...ok I'll go first....

T: Cooper
M:  Mustang
T:  That's dumb, Levi
M:  Bugatti
T:  Come on, seriously...Houston
M:  Lamborghini
T:  Ok, I'm done - I'll name him myself....UGH.
M:  Bahahahahah

Ok, Time to hit the shower for the 2nd time this week.

Let's Hear it for Grandmom.
(who has given me a break by taking  my big)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My kids have cute smiles...

I am so lucky to have two little men in my house that have bright smiles and need lots of love.  I am blessed that they are healthy and that I was chosen to have these two specific guys.  I am thankful that the Lord will not give me more than I can handle and that he has the power to grant me the patience to care for them and that his mercy is new EVERY morning.

I am trying to remind myself of these truths on a day I feel like I said more "no's" than "yes's".  In this week that my husband has been gone more than he has been home.  When I am getting up to nurse a baby three times a night.  And when I think to myself mid day "how many crying kids are in here", it feels like 25, even though it is only two and can I please just take a shower?

My first born - Graham Asher

The new baby of the house - Track Noah

I love these boys, it's been a long day and I am tired.  Good thing we all get a fresh start in the morning.  As Graham would say "cheers to the morning".

Let's Hear it for the Boyz.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Black Express Stretchy Pants...

You know the ones!  Don't act like you were too good for the stretchy pants in college.  I proceeded to wear these black express pants to class, to the club (specifically Hurricane Harry's on ladies night), to the rec center and then to sleep in.  They were all weather, all the time kind of pants.  You could dress them up with some giant (heinous) 5 inch bottom flip flops and a tank or dress them down and dumpy with some tennis shoes and a XL men's T-shirt (that was the "thing" (I think ) XL shirts).  Come on what could be better, one pant 4 ways!  I am fairly sure this is them below, but in a great bronze color, with some fancy embellishment (likely out of my price range in college, but not now - buy buy buy).  Any who the picture below was more of the amazing fit I wanted you to see.  These pants (at least on me) were always approximately 2 inches above the ground.  The truth is I am fairly certain I looked great in these in 1998-1999.  In fact, I am pretty sure I only owned one pair of pants in those two years and these were them.   

So what's the point you say?  Well, I was thinking about these pants (as I do often) and how amazing they were when another product came to mind.

My BF, Jodi sent me these Muslin Blankets for Track and they are A-mazing.  One blanket many uses, or as one of my bosses says at work "many cultures, one heart" (he's a strange guy) (he's different unique).  Ok, so I'm at the park the other day and I need to nurse T, but I forgot my cover.  My options are drag G from the "swide", pack up our lunches and head home, freestyle nurse (not my thing) or tie one of these bad boys around my neck as a cover...genius.  They are super thin and easy to maneuver.  I also use them as burp clothes, blankets, swaddles, paci holders, capes for my big, dish towels, napkins (only on occasion), drape to cover baby so little old ladies (or the foreign persuasion) don't touch or breath on him in the store, spin them up and pop the dog for lurking in the kitchen, forts for G, the list goes on and on.  I'm trying to figure out how to wear thema s pants!

All this to say, if any of you 14 followers (actually 13, b/c Nanny K follows twice some how) , need a baby gift for an expecting mom - this is the one thing I don't want to live without (and my bible, and husband, blah blah).  You can pick them up at any lame baby store or Target or probably anywhere.  I think they have multiple other products I would love to try.  So Adian and Anais you could be follower 15 and 16 on my widely popular blog and you could send me stuff and I could do reviews for you (all positive of course). 

These blankets are only second to my sacred Wubba Nub, which I wish I had 20 more of.  Never fails, we trapse all over the house hunting for this thing, while T exercises his speech.

Ok - that's it, boring post today.  Maybe b/c I have walked away from my computer 6 times to tell G in a very stern voice to "Go To Sleep", to which he then will make his list of demands..."little puppy?, blue blankie?, drink?, light on?, special song?, book?" - stalling much my son?

Anywho, Let's hear it for my BF Jodi and her great gift of gifting. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coming Around...

I noticed that Graham was taking a bigger (than none) interest in Track in the last few days.  Meaning he hasn't been telling him to "move" or "baby nite nite" (in his most loving tone).  In fact, when he wakes up he asks for the baby and when someone else holds Track, Graham freaks a little.

So when I was putting him down for a nap I asked Graham if he wanted to "see".  He said "OK" (close to yes), so I pulled out this cute red stool (my mom got me for Christmas, that Mike seems to think might kill Graham - surely it won't kill him) to let him take a peek.

He even patted the baby (less hard than normal).  He did proceed to ask me if he could get "in", to which I said no this bed it for Track.  Then he gave me the sneaky face about 5 more times and said "for Track?".  Yes Bubba, for Track.

I think this is the beginning of a budding friendship or a big fight to keep him from swinging a long femur on over and hopping in (whatev).  Maybe he just needed to be able to "see" what was going on to love his little brother. 

Score:  Ma Ma one - Graham zero.

In other news, we have a first in our house.

"Hey guys, it's my first time to wear pants - EVER." 
Rejoice in the small things, some people probably CAN'T wear pants.

Let's Hear it for New Tricks.
(and cool enough weather to wear pants)

Side note:  I put a long sleeve shirt on G this morning and he was convinced the long sleeves were "hurting" him and he wanted if "off, pweeze".  To which I agreed, the sleeves were probably attacking him, so off it came and on with the short sleeves.  Picking my battles - what a nice ma ma I am.  I then reminded him how nice I was, and he looked at my like, "let's just do this short sleeve thing mam so I can get on with my day- Thank you".

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Caught you...

I was wondering why  you were having such a hard time taking a nap today.  So per the usual stern warning, I came in to take away your "puppies, haircut, blankie, little puppy and all other un-named animals" and this is what you were doing.  Just taking it easy, leaning back with a cold drink and holding court with your guys.  Upon entering the room you looked at me like, "what? and then proceeded to say hi ma ma, da da at work?"

I promptly sequestered all before mentioned animals, put the windows on lock down, last called your sippy cup and off to night night you went.

What a creative and self-entertaining little man you are.

And if you are wondering what the other baby in the house is up to...
Sweeping, sweeping and more sweeping.

  Although, he did take a break from sleeping today to spit up down my side and pee on my stomach while feeding him.  I also accidentally wiped with half wipe half hand at 3am last night this morning and proceeded to have infant mustard poop on my fingers.  So, with my current run rate on showering every two days...I am looking and smelling good.  Want to come over?

Let's Hear it for My Baby, Let's Hear it for My Little Man.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who could resist...

Here is Graham asking me for the 120th time to watch the "Unkey Moobee" while I am feeding Track.  To which I said...

Sure Bubba I would absolutely love to watch Curious George feed Bill's Bunnies the carrot he grew.  Since we have 20 episodes on the DVR, but he only wants to watch the one with the rabbits (not the puppy - he makes sure to remind me), over and over again.  If you were wondering my favorite part of the 15 minute "moobee" (that I have seen at least 25 times in 3 weeks) is when George and Bill (George's country neighbor) are searching for the rabbits and calling their names...Whitey, Blackie (racist much Bill?), Big Ears (Rude), Herbert Naninger (What?) which I usually hear Mike from our room say...did he just call someone "Pervert Manager"?  Hilarious.

This is what Graham looked like when I said YES.
Who could resist the request?  Not me.

Let's Hear it for the Pervert Manager. 
Someone has to manage them...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have you ever noticed...

I have the world's longest children.
G & T

And they are all cross eyed?!?!?! (Weird)
G & T

And I don't spring for infant professional pictures, so they all turn out like this...

You are likely thinking right now, wow look at all those great poses she got him in and her all brown background is divine!  Well, I am off work until after Thanksgiving, so if you need infant pictures - me and the Cannon Elph can make a trip over.  What is wrong with me?

Also, have you ever noticed the size of my husbands feet - 13 - to be exact.  I have tripped over 3 pairs of size 13's today.  Do I need a larger house or a smaller husband (likely just more sleep).  Honey, please put your shoes in the closet, or if I am sleeping just take them all to work with you - HA.  Why do you wear 3 pairs in the morning anyway?

Side note: Speaking of shoes....check out the tiny toms I got for G-Unit.

I bet one day all my boys will be in size 13's. 
Graham already wears a men's 10 (like my tiny footed man friend Thomas).

One more thing...Have you ever noticed that all of my kids look just like their dad and not an ounce like me....RUDE.

Ok, really one last thing... have you ever noticed that Mike likes to "Sash-ay" when he flies kites.  Weird huh?

I love having two three men in my midst.
Let's Hear it for my baby MEN's.
(dancing with size 13's on)