Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kids are funny...

I found G sleeping like this at nap time a few weeks ago...
Apparently, he had played his pillows and blankets right off the bed.  Looks like he might have been in the process of playing himself off the bed - until he swiftly feel asleep.  Weird.
Let's Hear it for Kids

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

27 weeks...

These pics are past due, but for my own memory keeping.  Here I am 27ish weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby boy at my company Christmas party.
Wondering how "past due" these are...I am now 34ish weeks pregnant.  Almost to the finish line....Woooo Whoooo.
Let's Hear it for the Boyz.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


One of this child's favorite things to do it match his dad at bed time.  When we get to this shirt in his pajama drawer he promptly sprints to Mike's closet, digs out daddies green shirt and delivers it immediately to PROUD dad.  It is really a sight to watch after a year or so of owning this happens EVERY time.
I'm thankful, in many ways, this guy wants to be like his dad, who in turn wants to be like Christ.  We are off to a good start.
Let's Hear it for Matching our Savior.

Monday, January 28, 2013

So smart...

I found this bed at an Antique Mall in Plano and thought briefly about getting it for Tracksters.  You know, because he will be giving up the crib to his new bro in a matter of months.
But, I know a thing or two about buying furniture, so I made the executive decision that it needed to be "tried out".  Insert Kels - who dutifully dropped on the bed for a long winters snooze.  She would do anything for the Tracksters (including laying on musty "antique" bed spreads)...LOYAL.
Good thing I am so smart...decision made...Kels barely fits on that bed!  Track and Kelsey are like the same  height TODAY, so this will never work.  I mean what is the deal with the 5'5 bed?  Were people shorter in the earlier years?
Let's Hear it for Good Friends.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last Sunday we skipped church (because G was having some sort of strange allergic reaction - likely from the dOOplex carpet - Awesome) and took the little boys to a park.
Looking back at these pictures makes me realize how fast the last three years has gone by.  I mean my oldest can do Hop Scotch correctly - genius
My little guys in ACTION...
Ah, Brothers.
Let's Hear it for Beautiful Days in January.

Friday, January 25, 2013


 This little guy is OBSESSED with dental hygiene...or is it the tooth paste he likes to eat multiple times day.  Regardless, I don't mind because he is so cute and it is promoting winning health habits, right?
Look at him sitting all cross legged.  If his tummy was hanging out this would be the PERFECT picture.
Whoa - check out his little brother!  Wowzers.
Let's Hear it for Teethies.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A common occurence...

Look at these guys, just sharing some special brother reading time.  They actually both love to sit in their chairs and "reading" books.  If you are wondering...and I am sure you almost always ends bad.  Someone takes someone elses book.  Somebody whacks somebody with a book.  Or the most heinous sin EVER - someone sits in the WRONG chair.  Jesus strike me down, but sitting in the other brothers chair is essentially the symbol for "hey you wanna fight" in our household. 
What's really funny about all of this is you think separating these dOOds in their own rooms would be the key, but they insist on reading together - side by side for maximum angst I guess.

I LOVE that G's ankles are crossed and he is just chilaxin with Curious George. 

Track, per usual, finished his Curious George book in lightening speed and is probably considering throwing it at me or Graham - Ha.

Let's Hear it for Sweet Captured Moments

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One Year Books...

I guess with the new baby coming I am in high gear to get things done.  I finally got T's one year book completed...I realize he is 17 months at this point, but HEY I got it done.
People always say they look so different.  I can tell them a part in same age pictures, but come on people they look alike.
G on the left and T on the right.
Terrible picture taking, but I was trying to capture the two in the same hat.  I don't even know why I am posting and showing pictures of a picture book - weird.
G behind and T in the front.
G top, T bottom.
I can't believe both of these babies are older than one.  I remember the excitement (and pain) of having each one.  They have very different personalities, but seem to be of the same cloth.  I'm thankful for each day I have with them and can't wait to meet their brother (and eventually their Maker - Ppppffffttttt.)
Let's Hear it for the Boyz

Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY 2013...

Or as it goes around here "I can do it myself mama".
Well he did do it his self to this chair for the last few years.  Our cheap chairs at least use to look clean and presentable, but lately I have been embarrassed to look at them and praying that maybe my nanny would ignore them or offer grace because I have kids - so being disgusting isn't so bad, right?!?!
No that is great picture taking...can you even tell what i am taking a picture of?  SHEESH.
So with a little help from Mike and a borrowed stapler from work...
Ta Da! 
Totally unmatching grey chevron cushions for my amazing avocado colored chairs...
Sit and stay awhile, at least for a few months, until the babies destroy these too.
All and all, this project cost me $20.  Why I didn't do this earlier is beyond me?  One day, when I grow up I will get a table that the leafs actually meet in the middle and chairs that don't threaten to dump you every time you sit in them...but that day is not today. 
Let's Hear it for Carpe Diem 2013.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Holiday Success...

Right before Christmas we took these little boys to see the trains at Northpark.  Last year, Mike took Graham and I think I found a corner of the mall to nurse Track in...
Since I am in my off nursing /on pregnant year we ALL went and I am SO GLAD we did - it was really amazing and the boyz LOVED it. 
PS.  Some kind lady in line gave me a free ticket...thank you mam! I wonder in that situation if it was a) random thoughtfulness b) she was pitying me with two "littles" and a big belly c) she thought my kids were SO CUTE, especially with their new shoes on or d) we looked poor
It might have been d, but I just called and asked her and she said with no prompting it was c.  Wondering - SOLVED.
PPS. When the super mom awards come around I should submit this picture.  I am some how holding Track in his hole, putting my head through a  hole and convincing my three year old to participate.  I have already written my acceptance speech.  It's pictures like this on my camera - that I think WOW, how did that happen?
We entered into instant amazement. 
Graham specifically pointed out Percy Train from Thomas the Train. 
PPPS.  This is a great time for whoever is showing him Thomas the Train to fess up.  We have not seen it, he doesnt go anywhere and he knows all of their names - how is that possible?
If you know this child at all, you know I held him most of the time, which at 37lbs is also a super mom feat.  His favorite phrases right now are (well let's be honest have ALWAYS been) "hey mama" or "mama can help me" or "mama will do it" or "I want mama".  In fact, Mike and I are certain he says "mama" over 200 times a day.  You might think one would be annoyed - not this mama - it STILL melts my heart, but he is my child.

I'm confident this child is thinking..."let me in there dad, I'm going to tear this thing up". 
 Serious child or maybe mad about his "limits" in such a place.
What's cuter than matching babies? shirts, plaid shorts and new shoes....NOTHING
Wonder why we were sick all of December...How many people do you think touched this before my sweet baby put his entire mouth on it?  I'm sure they clean it A LOT.
Let's Hear it for Northpark success.