Friday, March 29, 2013

Cooper is here...

After approximately 42 weeks of pregnancy, specifically 41 and 6 days...(most people deliver at 38-40), Coop made his grand, long and hard arrival.
Flashback: Me and my littlest guys, Track and Cooper (still cooking away at past full term - Monday night 3/25).
Most people seem to get shorter labors and bigger kids each time.  Well I get bigger children, but not shorter labors.  Every time I labor and deliver I really think I might die and then I go through the process of thinking "I might rather die".  Any who, I know WE made it this way through the fall, blah blah, lecture, lecture, but it is really terrible.
Oh and here we are, our last picture of a family of four...we were dropping the babies at my in laws and of course no one wanted to comply for a picture.  This is just what our family pictures are going to look like for a few years - I suppose.
On to our newest his gooey debut...
Cooper Seth Hummel
9.0 lbs and 21.5 inches long, born after 27 hours of labor at 7:11pm on Wed., March 27th.
In fact, the man's labor and deliver was so long and hard that he broke his right clavicle upon exit or entry (however you would like to look at it)...poor buddy.  Apparently, it is a common "birth injury" and he will heal on his own in a few weeks.  It just causes him a little pain on that side.
The boys came and met him the next day.  Track LOVES babies and wanted to be in the bassinet with him while he said "baby" over and over.  I think I will have a hard time keeping him from his signature "Track Slam" move any time I am not holding Cooper.
Graham walked right in, looked over and said "hi Cooper", but the moment was VERY short lived.  I forced him to take this picture that turned out really cute.  Just for documentation sake, I am fairly certain he was just pretending to be interested to please me.  He has never been one to care about babies, not even one's that are his brothers.  He was however, extremely interested in the complimentary apple juice and water station in the hall.

Here we are having our celebratory dinner, because we are checking out and leaving faster than we came in.  It was NOT good, but a sweet time with Mike.  I mean what hospital food is good, especially when you are parked between the soiled linen hamper and the bloody "things" disposal bin.
So, Coop...welcome to our family.  You look just like Track, who I thought looked just like Graham.  I have always loved you, God always knew your name and knew you would be mine to raise and I am looking forward to growing your sweet heart into man hood.
God is good ALL the time.
Let's Hear it for Cooper Seth Hummel.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Times...

Well we are still in our dOOplex.... know the one that is way too close to a busy busy street to let the little guys loose outside without cat like reflexes and unfortunately at 40 weeks pregnant my reflexes are not to be related to that of any normal cat.
So we have been staying in to have fun...
Don't worry our dryer is not really working so even if they got trapped in there and I turned it on (you know thinking they were clothes) I would need to repeat the process at least 3 times to get them "semi dry".  My sweet friend Linda was kind enough to "try" and do our laundry while she was watching the boys and kindly let me know that our washer will fill up but not wash.  Amazing.  So soaking wet dirty clothes that we cant get to dry and a new baby on the way....GOOD.
Lets Hear it for No More Laundry

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I bet you are all wondering where I have been and if the baby is here...
Well, here I am at 40 weeks.  Today is his due date according to the "wheel", but really his perfect day will come sometime in the upcoming weeks.
Don't let the snazzy shirt and PJ pants throw you off.  I would NEVER consider wearing this stuff every minute of the day that I am not at work or in public!  I like that Mike's t-shirts aren't even protecting the bottom of my stomach from the cool air any more.  Also, who thought making large PJ pants with horizontal stripes was a great idea?