Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Graham I am...

How I LOVE (homemade & organic) Teething Biscuits and Ham.

I eat them with my feet and in my seat.

I eat them in blue and at the zoo.

I eat them in China and at the "Dine-Na".

I eat them with my best friend Red and when daddy puts me to bed.

I love them when I play, I will eat them night or day.

I eat them with my dad and when I am bad.

I am Graham, Graham I am - oh how I LOVE Teething Biscuits and ham.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Good day...

We started out with some light reading over a breakfast of eggs benedict, fruit crepes and mimosas. 

Cooler weather - long sleeves, pants and cute socks.

Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Paradise cookie - love Red.

Long nap after playing all day at grandmom's.

Facetime (most amazing invention ever) with Jodi in Italy.  I talked to someone in Italy - amazing like the fax machine.  Jodi is Asian.

Special Request dinner from Jeff Foxworthy, oh I mean Mike.
Hamburger Tacos -mmmm.

Play, Bath and Bed with daddy.

Oh, and I watched Sister Wives, on TLC.  If I decide to take another husband, because apparently you can - who knew,  it will be Matthew Fox on Lost because I think him and Mike would make great friends.

PS...Calling Steven Ramberg - please follow my blog.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Notice the recipt says YESTERDAY!

BAD Puppy!

Ugh - So long new toy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let me tell you bout my best friend (singing)

One in a million.... (still singing)

Meet Jodi.  She is flying to Italy tomorrow, so I wanted to take this time to let her know a few things.

1.  If you get stolen, like Liem Neesoms daughter in the movie Taken - Don't Worry - I will find you and rescue you.
2.  If you get thrown in jail for false drug charges, like Claire Daines in Brokedown Palace, I will petition the American Embassy and get them to free you.  
3.  If you get lost, find a cafe with WiFi and Face Time me, I will help you locate your party.
4.  If the Tower of Pisa finally falls, don't panic I will extract you.

So, everyone that is monitoring my blog, know that I am anxiously awaiting her return. 

This should do as far as trip protection goes.  I will miss you!  Have a great vacation and don't forget anything so we can laugh about it when you get home.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I will never be the same

I know of someone who is planning to start the abortion process tomorrow morning and there is no amount of talking, counseling, intervention, begging, offering to raise the baby or getting others involved that is going to change her mind.  Mike and I have known of this since Friday and it has been breaking our hearts all weekend and now into the week.  With abortion being legal in Texas, there is no other physical action to take.

The last conversation was had tonight.  Now the sole action is to pray that God spares this child and changes her heart.  I keep reminding myself that there are no surprises to Him and that He is good.  God is Sovereign all the time. 

It was said to Mike that we will never look at her the same, which has never been in question.  We will care and pray for her after the abortion in hopes that she will come to know the Lord through this awful situation.

The truth of the matter is, I will never look at Graham the same.  I am thankful for a loving God who called me to know Him and made this a choice I never considered making.  And I thankful to look into my sons eyes and know that, when I was pregnant, it was always Graham from the 1st day to 6 weeks to 20 weeks to 42 weeks.  I can't imagine not knowing him.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear Pottery Barn-

Thanks for the great full color catalog you send every month that I never buy anything out of.  I get the best ideas from you and never have to pay you a cent - that's true friendship.

LOVE the dinosaur wall hanging in the picture below, but at $179 my husband lovingly said NO WAY!

In true form, I set out to make this masterpiece on my own.  Normally, when I "make" something it comes out looking, well "made" by me.  Not this time....I got some scrap wood from a neighboors torn down fence, cut it down to size, painted it antique white (which i already had), sanded it, and asked my dear Nanny K to get her artist boyfriend to paint me a dinosaur and Ta-Da!  All for $0.  I tired to convince Mike he should give me $179 because that's how much I saved him, but I am still waiting on my payday - RUDE.

So, Pottery Barn please don't be mad.  I know that wall hanging probably cost you $10 and you really needed the extra $169 to buy yourself some monogrammed wall sconces and a giant nautical compass, but not this time.  Please continue to send me your ideas and I will try and copy them, because we both know it really should'nt be that expensive.

Dinosaur, Dinosaur  - Do what ever the dinosaurs do (said in a song tune)

PS - This post is dedicated in loving memory to Nanny K!  I desperately miss you.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Hello 2010 .....

Just starting a blog for all of our extended family and friends to keep up with what these Hummels are up to.  
I can assure you it will ALWAYS be 
VERY interesting and NEVER lame! 

See, already interesting.  It's true Mike likes to bathe in ankle deep water, with running shorts and his sexy "night time" glasses on.  I just can't stop him.

In reality, Graham has a sudden adversion to the "big" tub.  After, trying the infant tub in the big tub, a small pool in the tub and plenty of toys, Mike decided to lure him in by having so much fun he couldnt resist getting clean.

No such luck, we all know the real prize would have been mama in the tub, but mama is a germaphob and knows who wields the cleaning products in this household.  On second thought, genius baby probably knows the tub bacteria is waiting to attack him, so it is back to the infant tub on the counter with endless kitchen soaking and standing up to check out the dinner plates.

Maybe we will try again at a later date or maybe his wife will catch him trying to fit in the blue whale at age 30.  Like father like son - Let's hear it for the boys (singing like the song - of course).