Monday, October 31, 2011

100th Post


In an attempt to flatter yet another one of the "guys", G in true form picked a Halloween costume modeling his one true love....MA MA, just kidding....

Regular Puppy

Mike tried to get Graham to pick a Dinosaur or a Ninja or something fierce, but Graham had a one track mind.  With this said, you would think wearing the beloved puppy outfit would be nothing but fun and smiles....instead we were met with this face...

Uh oh, better snap some pictures and TAKE THIS OFF!

Ok ok, not a battle I care to fight today Mister.

Night Time went much better!

This is one of my favorite's the "I'm so excited, I could explode" face.

Here is my other little guy on Halloween, much more appeasable (is that a word, hm?).

Dear Halloween,

I will not miss your scary decals, your skeletons and your blood.  You try to explain what "decorations" are to a two year old.  You ruined the World Series for Graham with your mummy commercials and ghouling ghosts.  I think this might hurt your feelings, but you are a really STUPID holiday and should likely not be celebrated. 

Good Riddance,
Ma Ma to "Little's"

For documenting purposes, this was the scariest thing Graham saw this year.  He could not even focus on his special birthday breakfast at Central Market, because he wanted me to "wake it down".  My dear sweet sensitive soul.  If we could all be so lucky to realize what should be considered scary.

Maybe Halloween will go away next year, we can at least hope.

Let's Hear it for Hoping.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hair Doo...

Graham's hair was getting out of control, what I imagine Beethoven's hair looked like.  I mean it has been two years and I have had it trimmed once, so out of control should be taken lightly.  Here he is feeding some square pupils.  Did you know goats are the only animal with a square pupil?'s creepy (shout out to John Self).

Half Curly/ Half Straight - Strange

Side Note:  This just in...Goats are weird &
their food doesn't taste as much like granola as it looks.

Wings/ Wispy White Hair

New Big Boy Hair...Son, did your personality leave with your locks?
Can you give your mama a smile please?

Oh yea, there's some personality...

I kind of miss the crazy bed head look, but for the sake of upcoming pictures my sweet neighbor trimmed it up.  He looks so grown up...if you can look grown up as a baby.

This guy is following in the "bigs" footsteps and will likely not need a trim for a few years.

Pretty cute, huh?

Let's Hear it for my Bald Babies.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Two Years Old...

My Firstborn Son...Bubba...Mister Mans...Sugar Bear

Two years already gone by...possibly the best and most sanctifying two years of my life.  I never thought being a mom was a job I could be good at or was cut out for.  As it turns out I have never and will likey never have a a job I love more.  And looking back over two years, I am a better mom than I thought possible, I am better at loving Christ, my husband, my family and my friends because of this dear child. 

I have learned that my past does not dictate my childrens future.  That my habits, hurts and hang ups can be stopped at me and not passed on to them.  The Lord has granted me wisdom, discernment and many answered prayers on how to be intentional and how to love this little person supernaturally.  There is no greater description of Christ's relationship with us than having a child depend on you for his every need and loving him unconditionally.

Graham, if you ever read this...I have loved you for two plus years and your mama will ALWAYS love you.  I'm your person...until you call the Lord YOUR Savior and until you marry that sweet woman we are prayig for...I'm your person.




Lord, this is your child and I trust you with his life.  I don't know the number of days I will get to spend with him, but I thank you for the blessing of two years.  Please let me have the rest of my life loving him and looking at his sweet smile.

Let's Hear it for my Baby, Let's Hear it for Graham.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I walked in to check on T an found him with a "disgusted" look on his face.

Well, could you sleep with a bear "bo heiney" in your face?  EVERY TIME we talk about butts, which actually comes up a lot in our household, my husband ALWAYS remembers that his Aunt Amy referred to them as "bo heineys" or "bum honkisses" or some variation (which we both think is weird and VERY funny) and then we digress to coming up with at least three different versions, such as "bo honkey", "bum donkey", and/or  "butt heinykins".  I am borderingg on laughing out loud now!

This is also from the family that called uncles "unkey".  Now that I have a child who refers to his uncle as Nuncle Matt, it doesn't seem as ridiculous.  However, I think I found out about "unkey" because my husband used it at a family function AFTER we were married.....bahahahahha.

Let's Hear it Bear Heinys.
Heiny - what a weird word.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've been doing stuff...

It has taken me awhile to get back to being productive and I STILL wake up and thank the Lord that I am done being pregnant (this time)!

Now that I am getting a touch more sleep and not suffering through the hottest summer EVER with an extra 35 L B's.  I am being my typical over-achiever self and actually completing some of the projects on my to do list.  Interested?  No?  I don't know what could be more interesting that my stay at home projects.  Please follow me....

First on the list...Organize Graham's clothes for Track.  This way I don't have to dig through a giant bin and look at every tag every 3 months.  I also packed up Track's newborn clothes.  I mean - I know he is huge, but I can't believe he is already on to 3 month clothes.

Second up...I finally got around to making Graham a "matching" game, that I thought of (stole from someone elses blog) a year ago.  All while I was watching the Ranger's lose last night - blah.  It cost me $2.50 for the clothes pins and everything else was free - thanks home depot or actually behr paint.

So I get these done and realize - this is going to be way too hard for Graham right now.  Oh, contrar moo frare (what?).  I don't know what that means, but I think that saying in my head a lot. 
Graham was extra excited, because he loves anything he can squeeze - chip clips, magnets holding my very important stuff, balloon clips, etcHe took the "cwose" pins off. 

Lined up the cards - "A type" (in vibrato)

And started matching the colors - what?  There is like one degree of separation in the shades.  Mike's comment last night was...."I think that would be hard for me".  This is after he asked me if I bought every color of paint on the clothes pins.  No honey, I took one extra paint swatch and cut out the clothes pin shape and glued it on them.  Geez.

What might be hard for my 32/ 33 year old husband - not for this serious little man.  How old are we...32 or 33, I lose track?  Anywho, we did this over and over again. 

It was such a success, I am going to do a blog giveaway.  If you would like to own your own set of paint cards with matching clothes pins, please sign up to be a follower and leave me a comment about what you like most about my blog/ kids/ me.  JUST KIDDING - I don't know how to do all that and no one wants paint cards - come on.  I'm laughing out loud right now.  I always see people give things away on their blogs, like Kitchen Aid Mixers, Cameras, Gift Cards, Dogs, I'm pretty sure people would want free Home Depot paint cards, made into a really fun toddler matching game.  AMAZING.

I felt like a good mom today - I made something that he REALLY likes. 
After all, that's what being a good  mom is, right? 

And last for now...I made a "Thankfulness" display/ window/ felt board (ha) for Graham.  I actually have 30 or so of these moral virtue/ character cards and I thought I would start with one he could grasp.  So here it is.

In everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thess 5:18

It is good to give thanks to the Lord,and sing praises to His name, O Most High.  Ps 92:1

We say the verses in the morning and we add a few things here are there that we are thankful for.  Graham really likes to say "I am thankful for...Mama, Dada, Track, Graham and Puppy".  We have added Jesus, the Bible, Grandmom and Grandad, then he made a special request........when I would say "I am thankful for", he would fill in with Mommies Puppy, Regular Puppy and Haircut - so on the window they went.

I don't know how much he is retaining, but it is a fun and easy way for me to be intentional with teaching him scripture and character.  I am moving on to a new quality next week and plan on keeping everything on the window together so we can cycle back through it and add to it as we go.  This one has been up for two weeks and he is not near as interested as he was in week one, so in true toddler form I need to move on fast to hold his interest.

I'm sure you are wondering what the little little is up too.

Just kickin it in my jeans, vans, and scratch mittens while checking out my mobile.

Let's Hear it for their mom....Let's Hear it for MEEEEE.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My child LOVES dinasaurs...

He loves to line them up and then knock them over, repeat process 100 times.

The weird thing about it is he love all of them EXCEPT,
this guy...

I help him open the Ziploc bag they are kept in (fancy, I know) and he immediately fishes out Triceratops and says, "don wike it".  Then he gets promptly removed him from the scene...Strange right?

I mean who doesn't like a Triceratops?

Let's Hear it for my Boy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The view I love the most...

Imagine this...your running (at the breakneck speed of likely 15mph) post birthing two over 8b babies.  Your lungs are burning, your quads are quaking and on top of it all the requests start rolling in like waves.  "Mama book?....mama raisins?....mama drink?....mama run?.....mama walk?".  To which I say..."what do you say?" (breathlessly).....PWEASE from the right.  Grant requests (handing books, raisins, sippy cup, but not walking). Then the crying starts from the left side of the stoller....insert paci while still running (skillz).  More requests from the right...."mama motorcycle?...mama moon?...mama, dada home?....mama, bah bah black sheep?".   Oh no! - we lost a sock and a scratch mitten on the around, pick up sock and stuff in one should just wear one sock.  Put the lost one on or pull the other off?....what to do?  Put on sock, no one likes cold feet.  Continue running, while reading "where is spot?, in the closet..NO"....breathing hard, reading in between breaths (took me at least a minute to read 4 words)...insert paci...keep going....almost there...telling Graham we only have 2 more minutes of this amazing 30 min trot, as if he cares at all.  Doing the  math in my head for the last two minutes...G= 30lb + T=11lb + Stroller=20lb + My Whining = 75lbs + Shoes = 5lbs = Total 3,000lbs I must be pushing.  Finally Done.  Can't breath, Mike asking me "if m going to make it" - RUDE.  I birthed your giant kids, don't you have to be nice to me!

It's been two days since my first attempt at running with two littles...I'm sore, but determined.  It should get easier, right?  I'm not so sure - but I have looked at the above picture at least 50 times and if running means I get this view - then running it is.

let's hear it for MY babies. 
(emphasis on my - i love these guys)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Adventure at the Arboretum...

Oh what?  You expected to see Graham surrounded by pretty flowers or a bazillion pumpkins with an model smile on his face.  No can do - he much preferred putting his hands in green slimy water, eating crackers with his same slime hands and open mouth pictures.  Here are some of the best I got.

Meet Brynn -This is Grahams first real friend.  She was SUPER concerned that Graham was going to fall in the fountain and in true girl form she DID NOT want to put her hands in the nasty water.  I kept reassuring her that I wouldn't let him fall, all while I was thinking (God forbid - Jesus, please don't let him fall in there!).  That's good parenting.

Graham saying "Wa Wa Fall", Vanna White style. 

Side Note:  Kelsey an I had a major discussion about her the other day.  Did yall know she is like 75 and Kels thinks she looks so beautiful?  Really?  I mean I think she looks good, but I think it's time to trade in the sexy beaded gowns for a few pant suits (like everyone elses

Anywho, on to the "punkins", so says Graham.

2010 & 2011

2010 & 2011

A little petting zoo action for Brynn and Graham.  You can't see it, but this poor bunny looked terrible.  I am pretty sure Brynn and Graham were 25,001 and 25,002 to pet the bunny TOO HARD for the day.  This is also where we had a slight altercation with someone who thought we had cut in line.  Mam, no one is cutting in line to see one donkey, a scared rabbit and 3 goats.  Carry on!

Graham, Brynn, Anabelle and Ethan
Mike and I very blessed to be in community with these kids parents.

Missing someone you might say?
Track got some special alone time with his grandmom this morning - THANK YOU!
If I had my own "I am thankful" display like G, YOU would be on it.

 Oops - I pooped a "punkin". 

Seriously, Altogether now, and LOUD...
Let's Hear it for October.