Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Did you know...

That your car tells you what side the gas tank is on.  Who was supposed to teach us that?  My Burleson Drivers Ed Teacher?  My dadMy high school boyfriend who had a Camero?  I mean I'm 32 years old and I have been driving up to the gas pump and turning around 50% of the time because I can never remember which side the gas tank is on.

So I am talking to my husband, while I HAD to get gas (9months pregnant, with toddler, in 180 degree temp ((do you REALLY have to turn the car off AND get off your phone - too much gas people, too much)) - terrible husbandry also - MIKE) anywho, and I say (begrudgingly) which side is my gas tank on?  And he says you know there is an arrow on your gas gauge pointing to the side it is on, right?


Seriously, do other people know about this?  Jodi, Carie - I'm sure you have both been with me when I have had to turn around at the gas pump.  Did you know?  They probably don't teach you that in Graham or the Valley either.  This is a rich vs. poor thing, isn't it? 

Amazed....Let's Hear it for my Rich Man!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spending Time with Da Da...

Graham has spent a lot more time with Da Da lately.  So far, he has learned what a "moobie" is, he is particularly interested in "the unkey moobie".  (aka: Curious George) 

He learned to play Wii Tennis, and he is better than me.  He can actually play it by himself and he has won a handful of times against the computer.  Crazy.

Pardon the giant onesie, Mike and I's washing machine is broken (seriously?) - so our wardrobe is extremely limited (you  might be thinking isn't it is usually limited, well yes (RUDE) but now our "go too" pieces are down for the count also).  Graham is modeling a throw back, hand me down, onesie that he wore to bed and proceeded to wear out on the town with his Da Da.  Mike finally admitted that he looked ratty, around 8pm at the Target with the giant onesie, saggy diaper and water shoes on.

Let's Hear it for my Giant Baby, Let's Hear it for my Man.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Graham is not so sure...

...about his new baby brother in the house all the time.  We have heard a lot of "bye bye baby" and "move" lately.  Demonstrated by his face here...

However, he does LOVE all the new baby equipment he gets to play on.

I'm personally banking on his love for Track's stuff will turn into a love for his brother.

Everybody is sleeping around here, but ME!

Let's Hear it for the Boyz.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance dance dance...

We're what?

We get home from birthing a child on Monday adfternoonish, so you would think 30 something hour labor, pushed baby out on Sunday, brought him home on Monday, get toddler home from in laws Monday night, eat dinner (big accomplishment), all should be right in the world, right?  WRONG - O.

Well, we go to put the big baby to bed and NO DIAPERS!  How int he world had I planned so poorly that I didn't have any diapers for Graham.  So, it's 9pm and I send my husband out for the usual local and organic fare we always buy. 

He gets back with this...

Uh, that's right ladies, denim diapers.

My review on these diapers, not organic - check, FULL of dye - check, not absorbent - check, turned my babies skin blue - check (just kidding), but very hilarious on this little guy.  He was extremely "dancey" that night, I think he knew he was hot stuff in his fashion diaper.  Needless to say, I bumped up my "subscribe and save" subscription from Amazon and got his normal Earth's Best diapers in two days.  So if anyone is dying to try these fashionable denim diapers - we have some to give away - but if they harm your child, we are not responsible, but if they get him or her a professional dance career, we gave them to you. 

Let's Hear it For it My Man's!
(really dying laughing over these)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bahahaha - Today...

Let's see, I had Track on Sunday and I think today is Tuesday, which means 2 days, right?  Anywho, so I am walking my nakey baby around the block in the 186 degree temperature to help him get rid of a slight bit of jaundice, when the man on corner, working in his yard, says "I see you have another on the way..."

Whoopsies, I mean I know I don't look great - but ouch!  Oh well, I know he meant well.  I said actually he is here, like right here in this stroller.  He apologized profusely and then said how good I looked for having a baby two days ago.  No making up for it now sir!  I will now speed walk (with stitches in my business) away from your yard.

Like I have said before, I (actually God) grew a human in me.  What are you doing, working in your yard...PLEASE - no comparison.

I be back to normal in no time, next time I stroll by he will likely be tempted to say something smart like, "geez mam, your 6 pack abs are amazing".

Let's Hear it for Nakey Babies, Let's not Hear it for That Man!


Track Noah Hummel
(aka. exact replica of Graham Hummel and Mike Hummel)

8lb 14oz, 22 in long
(we only make them big here at the Hummel household)

For comparison sake, here is Graham.

8lbs 5oz, 21 inches long

My delivery was so long, bad and too natural that I can't even discuss it yet -32 hours - Graham's wasn't even that long in active labor.  I was under the impression they got easier with every child.  Apparently, not for me.  But, there is a God in Heaven and He is faithful and I did not die.  That's how I classify this delivery, no one died although I felt close.

Family of 2.

Family of 3.

Teased you.. I don't have a family of 4 picture yet.  Coming soon... 

Now we can really sing... "LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS"
(at the top of my lungs, but with a slight quivering voice, b/c I am hormonal and on the verge of tears at all times - there's some honesty for you!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

We did again what we swore we would never do...

We went to Waco (gross)...Just Kidding, we did actually go to Waco because Mike had another triathlon but last year when we did the same triathlon we swore to NEVER stay in a hotel room with our child again.  Well, this year rolled around and we thought "he is so much bigger and better" this will be fine.

Open door to said room....

Take off clothes, bathe in sink, because DA DA let him eat 2 full cartons of blueberries before we left.  No wonder he didn't nap on the way there, as usual.  Poop Explosion - Car seat, clothes, shoes, mama, dada and front seat - DISGUSTING.

Wild Baby!

Try to setup Pack N Play without G tearing down mirror or breaking window with his puppy.

Light ON, Lights OFF.

What is this thing?

Try and settle him down by watching TV, not happening - begin jumping, crawling and falling.

One more round of phone calls.

This all transpired within 15 minutes and continued for hours.  He was delirious from no nap.  He is the type that is not BAD with no nap, but gets way more amped up as time goes on.  Cute for 10 minutes.

All followed by not really eating dinner (VERY unusual), not going down, driving around and still not sleeping, finally falling asleep at 10ish for me to wake him up at 7am, which he is NEVER up before 8 or 9am.

Tired Baby.

All to watch DA DA be a hero at his race.  Worth it......NOT SURE, just kidding I'm sure we will do it again next year (while we leave the boys with grand mom).

Well, he is definitely tired enough to sleep on the way home, right?  WRONG, another round of blueberry rampage - so no sleeping just pooping and fussing from an upset stomach.  

Best parents EVER, so to another year of swearing off same room sleeping.

Let's Hear it for my 9 month pregnant self keeping up with this guy and another reason not to go to Waco.

Guess What?!?!?!?!

I'm STILL pregnant!  Please feel free to name me among your friends with the longest human gestation period.

40 WEEKS and counting.

Graham was born at 42 weeks - two MORE weeks, REALLY?

Let's Hear it for the Most Hospitable Uterus EVER.