Monday, April 30, 2012

Vacation With 2 babies...

We just got back from a 4 day adventure (tag along to Mike's business trip) vacation to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Before we went I was asking myself if it was really going to be worth the HARD WORK it is to get all four of us packed up, out the door, on a plane, entertained and settled in a new place for such a short amount of time (and all to repeat process when it is time to come home).  Mike and I talked it out and it could have gone either way....DISASTER (never traveling again with babies) or DECENT (hard, but doable).  I would venture to say now that we are was work, but completely worth the memories made.  I'm so glad we took the plunge and decided to try to travel with two little ones.

This is what packing looks like to travel with two adults and two cute baby boys.

Giant suitcase for boys, smaller suitcase for me, even smaller suitcase for Mike, Double Bob Stroller, hiking backpack, Ergo, two Carry On bags full of activities, snacks, diapers and extra clothes, two car seats, one brief case and one purse.  PHEW.  Good this the woman we rented from had a Pack and Play.  We were out of room, arms and energy.

And all four Hummels are on the plane...It is actually HILARIOUS to fly with two little ones (if you have the right mindset and set your expectation low (REALLY LOW).  The pictures below sum up out first, family of four, flight.
DaDa - stressed, G - non-phased chillin in his chair like a BIG MAN

Need I say more...
"G put your bottom in the seat", "but I want to see those peoples" - Bahahaha

This guys was tired, but this was about the last 10 minutes of the flight...the other 2 hours and 20 minutes were spent passing him back and forth, feeding him stuff, trying (fruitlessly) to entertain him, and finally giving in and letting him zone out to Praise Baby.

Dear Southwest -
One of your flight attendants mentioned to another "guest" that this plane was brand new.  Nice new leather, sparkly silver tray table knobs, glossy laminated brochures and the like.  I would like to take this time to apologize for spilling apple juice in not just one but all THREE of our seats.  We were being negligent parents to order our two year old ANYTHING to drink.  We are also sorry that our littlest child choked on a puff thing and puked all over the floor.  One more item....we are sorry both the boys gummed the brochures to the point of needing replacement.  We really got our monies worth and you really got the raw end of the deal.  Please forgive us.  Next time we fly the boys will be older and we think that will make all the difference (however, Lord willing we will likely have an even smaller Hummel - sorry  for your sake in advance).  You always say we have choices when we fly.  Thanks for letting us choose you.  Sorry you dont get to NOT choose us.
Jike, Jara, Jraham and Jrack Doe
(maybe they won't recognize us)

Oh Hey Guys...its my first flight and I am all smiles.

Reading Curious George "Snowy Day" and watching Praise Baby.  Excellent multi-tasker...he IS my child.

So, we made it...a bit of a mess, but I don't even think anyone else even knew the kids were on the flight.  They were great - just a lot of managing for mom and dad.

G and all the bags.

Highlight of this guys day - the rental car shuttle. 
G - look out for that size 13 coming your way.

Everyone needed to burn a little energy, so the boys played around int he car while Mike upgraded us (sang like Beyonce) to a fancy Infinity SUV.

We were both very impressed and loved sharing this new experience with you. 

Let's Hear it for Southwest

Friday, April 20, 2012


This morning as I was feeding Track some avocado at the table I noticed Graham was being very quiet.  So I waited him out for a few minutes and then decided it would benefit us both if I checked on him.  I rounded the corner to his room just in time to see some great action.

I asked him if he was helping mommy put up the toilet paper to which he responded..."Graham stacking them, so I can kick them",  Well, duh...what a great idea.

Notice how perfectly the rolls are lines up.  He might look like his daddy, but his personality is all me.

I probably should have picked them all up to keep them from attracting dog hair and the like, but...really what do I care? - he was having a great time and being creative.  I thought this was amazing and anything I can do to get the man further interested in potty training.  I asked him a few times what toilet paper is for, to which he said to "poop on the potty" and then he said "to kick".  I asked him if he wanted to poop or pee on the potty to which he said, "no thanks".  I tried asking him something else and he looked at me like "mom, now you are annoying me and ruining my fun" so I took the hint and left him to his rolls.

Let's Hear it for Dirty TP

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shout Out to Karen...

My Mother in Law got me the kindest gift a week or so ago and I finally found the perfect place for it.  It was such a sweet reminder of encouragement at the time.  It makes me aware that I can do all of the various things I am called to do, but only with the Lord's strength. 

Here's a secret (not anymore) fact about me - I DONT LIKE writing thank you notes, unless I am deeply feeling the urge and I have something to say.  Otherwise I just write a bunch of stuff to fill the card that is kind of true and I know you are going to toss it the minute you skim over it. 

So all that to say...Karen - THANK YOU - this was a really thoughtful gift.  I love seeing it as I walk down the hall towards our bedrooms.

One more thing that Karen has done that has been such a blessing to me is this...

It's a giant scrap book that I pull out ALL OF THE TIME to see how much the boys look like Mike.  You can tell that this thing was a labor of follows Mike's life from being born to graduation.  Come on we all know that these things are SO HARD to keep up with, but I am so glad she did.  I really love it and it was such a sweet gift to get when Mike and I got married.  I hope to be as diligent in "preserving memories" for my family.


Did I even birth my children?  How is it that they both look just like their daddy?

What's also really that Karen is the ultimate torch bearer, the pictures above are Mike and his first mom, Donna who died of cancer in her 30's.  So Mike's mom, Karen, took the kids books, saw them to completeion and included very sweet momentos from their mom.  So kind.

So in an effort to say "Thank you" with Mother's Day around the corner...


I so appreciate you loving me through caring for my family and specifically for your role in "raising up" my sweet boys.  Thank you for all the memories that you preserved for a wife just like me, well actually - me.  I hope and pray our relationship continues to grow closer and closer as we "figure each other out".

I love you.
Happy Upcoming Mother's Day.


Let's Hear it For Karen Sue

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Character Cards - Honesty...

Man, we have been stuck on honesty for a LONG time.  This one has taken Graham the longest to grasp.  I don't think he is intending to be dishonest, you could just tell he wasn't quite "getting " it.  In the last week or so he has really "stepped up" his game. Since we G loves to talk about all things poop - we taught him honesty by asking him to tell us when he had went something like this.

2 months ago:
Me:  Graham, did you poop?
G:  no, thanks (in a super upbeat tone)
Checking his diaper to catch a glimpse of brown and a whiff of betrayal
Me:  Baby, there IS poop in there.  That was NOT honest.  Do you want me to change your diaper?
Graham:  No wipes
Me:  Baby we need to use wipes and when you poop you need to say yes mommy I pooped.
Graham:  Yes mam
Me:  So did you poop?
Graham:  No poops, just peeps...
Obviously not getting it

Current Day:
Me:  Bubs, did you poop?
Graham:  Yes, Mommy change my wipes?
Me:  Yea - that's honest
Raising his hands in delight with a giant smile
Me:  I have to use wipes to clean you
Graham:  No Thanks

So this isn't flawless, but most of the time he is honest, in regards to his poop, but we will need to circle back around to honesty, because he is not quite applying it to other areas in his life, like...

Me: Did you take that from your brother?
Graham:  Graham WANTS it
Me:  Did you take that toy from Track?
Graham:  Graham NEEDS it...
Me:  Baby, was Track playing with that?
Graham:  PWEASE (said in a really sweet and assumptive tone)

Next Up:  Love

Let's Hear it for Funny Conversations

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Amazing daddy...

Here's a man that is not afraid to share the driving responsibilities with V-Neck when it's REALLY important to the 2 year old back seat driver.

Here's that same man always ready for companionship from one of his Mini Me's.

Now that is a good man.

Let's Hear it for Their Daddy

Friday, April 13, 2012

Matching Jammies...

I don't match the boys very often - maybe because my mom played this game far too much with my sister and I.  I remember not liking it, but then again I think it might have been the dresses and cutesy clothes I didn't like.  I was happiest in some serious tom boy gear (tube socks, Levis, giant t-shirt, tennis shoes (truth be told sometimes softball cleats - nice)).  However, I can now see why my mom did it - I mean how cute are these guys. 
Matching mMnkey Jammie's - C O M E - ON!

Let's Hear it for Matchy Matchy

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Morn...

We had a later night on Saturday, so the boys didn't roll out of bed until 10:00a and 10:30a respectively.  Track was very patient to wait on his brother to open his Easter basket.

I tried making a trail of eggs for Graham when he woke up, but T kept scattering them all over the place.  I said this about Graham when he was this age too, but BOY HE IS SO CUTE (biased?, nah)!

Ok.  Big boy FINALLY up. 

The big winners were..."Where are Babies Easter Eggs" and... 

Giant Carrot Baseball Bat - AMAZING. 

We also did his last Resurrection Egg today which was EMPTY - b/c "He is RISEN", which is amazing, but also somewhat disappointing to the guy who has been "getting something" in each of his special eggs.  His favorite was by far the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem, or actually maybe it was the dice that they used to cast lots for His clothes.  Either way, Graham got a lot more of the Easter story this year than I thought he would.  Next year he will really be able to "get it".  Jesus conquered death for you buddy, and for mama, dada and Track - Praise His Name.

Let's Hear it for Carrot Bats

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Kids...

Our kids don't know if we are struggling in life.  They don't get the bills and sleeplessness of worrying about a family.  They don't grasp the pain of their world yet. 
The best part of their week is Saturday morning...making pancakes with dad (in daddies T-shirt and Tom's) and playing on the floor to Praise Baby.

I want so much more for my kids then what the world has to offer.  I don't want them to experience pain, hurt and loss.  I know I cant protect them, but I wish they could always see through innocent and fascinated lenses.  I just really love these little guys.  I know that trials bring perseverance and a closeness with the Lord, but today I say blah blah - Let Jesus return before the trials come.  Eat that world!

Let's Hear it for Childlike Faith

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Arboretum 2nd Round...

We decided to take another trip to the Arboretum before the weather gets to be BLAZING deep in heart of Texas. 

Check out these two guys with their hats on.

The weather and creation did not disappoint.

Let's Hear it for Spring