Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pregnant with #4

It's been about 4 months since I have blogged.  That's about right for my pregnancy blogging breaks.  Praise His Holy Name that the funk of the 1st trimester has lifted.  It was bad....REAL bad this time!
Here is the new babe at 8 weeks...
Here is that baby at 22 weeks...
I'm sure my face looks the same, no need to see it again.  See above for reference...
Here is the baby in my uterus...weird.
Well, I have three boys already and I just assumed we may have one more.  The odds were ever in my favor, right?  Here are the little boys waiting to find out if they will have a brother or a sister.  Graham thinks sister, who we should of course name Brynn (his BFF) and Track thinks boy, which we should of course name Monkey Hat (his love). 
Here is my awesome homemade reveal cake to tell our community group...why I thought I should attempt this on my own is beyond me.
To our shock...
We were STUNNED.  In reality, I think I knew the Lord would bring a girl into our home at some point.  I know I need refinement in the area of "being a girl".  So now starts a new chapter of learning to shepherd another heart and an unfamiliar gender.  Honestly, I'm processing and adjusting - but I know this is exactly what the Lord has for me.
The due date is February 19th - so our kids will span every season.  To answer the questions you are asking...NO we don't have a name and likely won't until she is born and NO I may not be "finished". 
Lets Hear it for My BABIES

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  1. LOVE IT! Glad you got those annoying questions out of the way now :) YAY FOR HUMMEL BOYZ+GIRL!